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Tony's russian roulette game.

Eric Upham

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Tony

RUSSIAN ROULETTE -Potentially lethal game of chance in which participants place a single round in a revolver, spin the cylinder, place the muzzle against their head and pull the trigger.
This is the story of
Antonio Hernadez, aka Tony. Tony was born to a Mexican mother and Cuban father, his life is far from avarage. Tony's father was heavily addicted to cocaine and was a high ranking member in the Cuban Mafia. Tony's mother wasent the best parent either; according to Tony, she was only there to provide a house and food, not love or compasion. When Tony was Eight, his mother sent him back to Mexico from Miami along with his seven siblings to live with his aunt. Because Tony was very outspoken and blunt about things, his aunt forced him to sleep outside for a whole year. When he was 12, he decided to run away from the physical and mental abuse. After living in streets for 8 months, a drug dealer saw an opportunity to use him as a drug mule. At this point in Tony's life, he is 15 and his girlfriend is pregnet. He also is already an alcoholic and heavily addicted to drugs. One night, while at a huge gang gathering, Tony was called out in front of everyone to a game of russian roulette. Tony accepts the challenge, fearing his gang would retaliate for backing down, and he also wanted to prove his loyalty to his gang. Tony was up first, "Click!" Then it was the fellow gang member who called Tony out, "Click!" Tony grabbed the gun again, "Click!" Finally when the fellow gang member pulled the trigger the second time, "BANG!" After seeing a man blow his head off right in front of him , Tony was promoted from a foot soilder to a general, he is still 15. When Tony turned 18, he left Mexico and headed to the states. He robbed and made his way up north to Winona, where his mother lives and Tony still stays on his grind today. This is only a very brief story of Tony's life, he has experienced alot of things that most of us couldnt even imagine. Tony now suffers from post tramatic stress disorder, and the only thing that is able to keep him sane is marijuana. THE END
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