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Business Plan

No description

Stewart Thompson

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Business Plan

S.W.O.T. Problem Vision Statement Marketing Projections Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Business
Model Business Pitch for Many of the elderly and others with disabilities struggle to maintain proper hygene, especially when it comes to wiping their ass. Traces of faeces often remain, and other "wet wipe" products contain irritants which deem them unsuited for this task. To provide Australian seniors and others dissatisfied with the efficacy of toilet paper a natural,
gentler and more
alternative. The Stongest aspect of this product is
its marketing point, being the only wet
wipe marketed specifically for toilet use,
and the only natural, irritant-free
pure water wet wipe product. The
marketing goals developed for
this product play to its strengths,
and the product diversification
concepts (scented & Anti-
bacterial wipes) increase the
target market significantly. The biggest threats to this business are:

- The probability of product duplication and
further monopolisation by bigger competition
already in the tissue manufacturing business
(eg. Kleenex, etc.)
- The difficulties associated with generating
sufficient capital to initiate such a large,
industrious business as this. Site Location: 23 Concord Cresent,
Carrum Downs, VIC 3201
372m^2 factory
186m^2 office
12 on-site car parks
KItchen and toilet facilities
internet access Raw paper pulp costs around US$650 per ton Would you rather use public toilet paper that pay 20 cents for a Fresh 'as' wipe? List top competitors Financial Plan Executive
Summary Conclusion Team Competition The biggest and most profitable opportunity for
this company would be to move all manufacturing
and packaging overseas, which would drastically
reduce labour and raw material costs. The finshed
product could then be imported to Australia and
sold more competitively while maintaining a
reasonable profit margin. For the sake of
generating figures of some accuracy, this business
will operate only in australia. ! Fresh 'as' Wipes Today, we live in a world full of engineering
feats that have drastically improved the quality of
life and the lifespan of it's people. And yet, some of
us still have shit on our arseholes when we're finished at the toilet, which causes itchiness, redness and discomfort, referred to medically as pruritis ani.
That is where my business will step in, with clean, fresh water wipes that will remove all traces of faeces gently without causing irritation like normal,
comparatively coarse toilet paper.

The primary market would be retirees and people in aged care, who continually struggle to wipe their bums properly due to decreased dexterity, but special scented and antibacterial wipes could be developed for sexually active females and overprotective/germophobic mothers.Ultimately, Fresh 'as' Wipes would replace conventional toilet paper as a cleaner, more effective product, so its potential market includes everyone.

A survey has shown that 100% of GP's
would recommend Fresh 'as' Wipes
to their patients*. By Stewart Thompson (http://www.realcommercial.com.au/property-industrial+warehouse-vic-carrum+downs-5683839)
Automated assembly and packaging will
take place on site, hence the large factory
area. Machinery will need to be purchased pertaining to something like this. Considering that average toilet paper manufacturing
machines cost around $4000 + transport costs, it
would be safe to estimate that machinery purchase
costs would not exceed $15,000. The business will be formed as a partnership between Stewart Thompson and Sam Siggins, who will both
take care of the financial and administrative
sides of the business. A mechanic
and two laborers will be employed
to maintain the machines and
handle general factory upkeep, and
the Australian courier company
will be contracted to make the
deliveries to local businesses. With at target market of seniors, Fresh 'as' Wipes would be
aiming for advetisements in the following locations:
- Lawn Bowling clubs
- Local GP Clinics
- Retirement homes and Aged care centres
Other possible advertisement locations that would yeild results include:
- Public toilets (for a favourable comparison)
- Nightclubs (scented wipes)
One of our marketing aims is to develop contracts with nearby
retirement homes, offering our product at a discount rate
in exchange for a reliable income and bulk purchases. Another
of our goals is to implement Wet 'as' wipes vending machines
in public toilets along the mornington peninsula, so for the meagre fee of 20 cents, people could use a Fresh 'as' wipe
instead of the shoddy baker's paper stocked in most of those toilets. Our final marketing idea is to send company representatives to lunch meetings with local GP's and pharmacists, where they can discuss the numerous health benefits of our product. With all manufacturing happening in Australia,
this business is sure to fail, but if it was created with a factory in China, Thailand, etc. it could be feasible. The largest factors contributing to the success or failure of the company would be the efficacy of its marketing, the level of success achieved in the marketing goals, and the level of legal product idea protection that could be obtained, to prevent direct competition from more seasoned companies. This business's weakness lies in
the population's ufamiliarity with
the product, which will take
a considerable amount of
capital into advertising and
away from more common business initiation costs such as infrastructure purchase. Also, the very success of the business depends on that barrier being broken between the people and the product. *One GP surveyed. Practically all of the competition would come from much more mature tissue manufacturing companies seeking to emulate our product and monopolize its market, though they would only do so if they thought it profitable, or if our product started generating serious sales. Overall, the concept of the product is good, but there are major difficulties associated in creating an business large and industrious enough to support it. The manufacturing section of the business would only be able to function competitively if it was based in another country to reduce labour wages and raw material costs. The marketing aspect of this product is its biggest strength, and would dictate the success or failure of the product,
if the business was developed to
previous specifications. Business wages are as follows:
- Labourers; $25,000 each per annum
- Mechanic/engineer; $64,000 per annum
- Business owners (Stewart & Siggins); $75,000 each per annum

Required capital: $1,000,000
(inclding property purchase, pre-production advertising
campaigns, machinery and equipment purchase, start-up wages and material costs, etc.)
Capital will be generated form a combination of bank loans against assets and share sales.
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