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Temperate Woodland and Shrubland Biome

No description

Mikaela mcnally

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Temperate Woodland and Shrubland Biome

Temperate Woodland
and Shrubland After the enjoyable walk through
the woodland, let's take a journey
through the shrubland... Let's take a walk through the woodland Los Angeles, CA is a city that lies
within our biome; Temperate
Woodland and Shrubland Elevation:
up to 1,678 meters Terrain Flat plains, Rolling Hills or Low Mountains Precipitation levels 200-1,000 mm per year Temperature Ranges -30 to 30 Degrees Celsius Soil Conditions Thin, Nutrient poor Consumers Rattle Snake, Black Tailed Deer,
Bobcat, Fox, Hawk, etc... Animal Adaptions Squirrels and chipmunks gather nuts and seeds for the winter.
Bears eat a lot over the summer to prepare for hibernation in the winter.
Birds migrate to warmer temperatures in the winter. Producers Woodland Plants- Shrub, Redbud Tree
Honeysuckle, Tulip Tree, etc...
Shrubland- Dogwood, Hawthorn,
Blackberry, etc... Producer Adaptations Deciduous Trees- bark is thick and hearty to protect the inner core during long, hard winters

Woody Chaparral Plants- waxy leaves to resist water and Some Facts Temperate Woodland and Shrubland
experience periodic fires due to dense low
plants that contain flammable oils,
hot dry summers and cool moist winters, and
are present somewhere in all continents except
Antarctica. THE END
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