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Table Manners

No description

Katherine Keppel

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Table Manners

Social Skills
Table Manners
The objective of the lesson is to introduce proper table manners and general social skills to practice while eating at home, in the lunchroom, or out in an establishment
Students will be able to understand the basic ideas as to why people use table manners, how to use table manners in various settings, and demonstrate and apply these table manners in their own lives
Use the post it to record anything you know about table manners, including ones you use, see others doing, or wish you did more of
Post it sticky notes
Follow the Leader
Now it is time to learn the basics of table manners using our Table Manners Book. We are going to practice skills found in the book, including placing a napkin on your lap, setting a table, & not talking while food is in your mouth
Let's Practice!
Next, you all will have the opportunity to put your table manners into practice while having a sit down lunch with your teachers and one another in our classroom. You will play a game in which you practice the table manners we just learned and you will try to catch one another displaying impolite table manners!
The Manners Game
Each person at the table has an opportunity to earn M&M's for dessert. Every time someone exhibits a positive table manner, they earn an M&M. If negative table manners are displayed, the person loses an M&M.
As a post-assessment before you leave the room, let's fill out a different colored post it than your pre-assessment. I want you to write all the new manners you have learned, tell why manners are important, and/or how to display proper table manners.
For homework, you will be given a checklist of items that are either true or false. Some of these you know from today, but some will be new and explained more throughout the week. Also, I want you to think about your own table manners at home, as well as a willing family member to participate for you to watch and "catch," using proper or impolite manners :)
If you go to a fancier restaurant, there will be a cloth napkin at your place setting. Take the napkin and place it across your lap. Keep it on your lap throughout the meal. Only wipe your mouth! Remember: No nose blowing into your napkin!
Setting a Table
Plate in the middle
Fork to the left
Knife to the right
Spoon next to the knife
Napkin under the fork or in the middle of the plate
Water glass above the knife
Talking or Eating?
It is very important to keep your mouth closed when your eating. Remember, no one wants to see chewed up food! If you'd like to talk, make sure your mouth is cleared of food!
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