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2012 Fall Orientation

Presentation to incoming freshman and transfer students.

Lori Lennon

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of 2012 Fall Orientation

Chemistry Physics How can we protect urban coastal environments? Earth and Environmental Science Interdisciplinary research is the answer... A better
future for urban
coastal environments How can we continue making ground-breaking discoveries? Interdisciplinary Research is key... How can we predict and prevent disease? Interdisciplinary research
holds the answers... Health Policy and Law Physics Tracking Health Patterns Using Network Science Prof. Alessandro Vespignani Biomedical Physics How do we find cures for neglected diseases? Interdisciplinary research will open new doors in drug discovery... Biology Prof. Michael Pollastri Northeastern COS @NortheasternCOS @NUScienceDean Prof. Laszlo Barabasi Prof. Geoffrey Trussell Physics Mathematics How can scientists help solve this problem? Interdisciplinary research
holds the answer... Solving cutting-edge real world problems with your Northeastern education Renewable Energy Reliable Grids Biochemistry Computer Science Prof. David Budil Physics Create Sustainable Fisheries Address Invasive Species Abate Pollution Marine Biology Prof. Jonathan
Grabowski Professors Geoffrey Trussell and Steven Vollmer Earth & Environmental Studies Prof. Matthew Bracken Collapsing Biodiversity: How species respond to climate change Temperature change and predator stress are a lethal combination for snails. Graduate student Ren-Jie Wang, Professor Darien Wood and Professor Emanuela Barberis Prof. Alina Marian Prof. Heather Clark Prof. Patricia Illingworth Chemistry Repurposing drugs for neglected diseases. Biochemistry Prof. Kim Lewis Prof. Michael Pollastri Prof. Srinivas Sridhar Prof. Penny Beuning How do we learn to trust people? Interdisciplinary research dissects the human brain to find out... Psychology Linguistics Behavioral Neuroscience Prof. David DeSteno Prof. Dagmar Sternad Prof. Iris
Berent What can robots teach us about trust? Get research experience. Ask for advice and guidance. Study something you're passionate about. Make the most of your time here at Northeastern! A little advice... Have fun! Find a healthy balance... Journey to a Super Battery Prof. Sanjeev Mukerjee Better Energy Storage Chemistry Prof. Latika Menon Tattoos and
Improved Health Eat free ice cream!! Friday, September 7 @ 2 p.m.
Krentzman Quad
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