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Food Drive

No description

Anevay Avila

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Food Drive

Spring Food Drive
Staff and Community Assistance/Approval
Mrs Latham- leadership adviser ,Mrs. Baublits - she runs the school and makes the calls on many approvals.
We will also need a parent volunteer to transfer the food to a local food bank.
In order get the electronic period for the winning class it will need to be approved before it is advertised.
We need them to approve parts of the event because they run the school and they understand that people need food.
Our plan if we can't get this event approved ,first we would change the mistakes. Then if not then would ask for event to do next year.
Timelines and Equipment
The Food Drive will take place at Spanaway Lake High School and will be happening during the month of March, before Spring Break.
The facilities that will be needed to do the food drive will be;
auditorium (need approval)
Transportation that will be needed is a truck/van to transport the non-perishable items to the local food bank. (If there is not a parent volunteer available)
Special Equipment needed are;
video camera
paper/ poster paper
Funding is needed for transportation to and from the food bank and for the kids
We would get funds from ASB office for paper and other things .
Benefits of Event
The people that will benefit from the food drive are the families in need for food.
The way that people will benefit from the food drive is getting extra support to provide food to their family or for them self.
The advertising/publicity needed for the food drive is video announcement, posters, voice announcement, teacher speakers (spread the word).
We can accomplish this advertising by making sure the posters will be ready in time, the video announcement will be able to air, and a note is ready for the voice announcement.
Advertising will continue through the food drive, the posters will be put up around the school and the video will be made at school.
Committee Work
The Committees are going to be Posters, Collectors/ Counters, Advertisers, Representatives.
We need 10 to 15 people from Leadership class.
We need as supplies are Posters, paint ,Markers, Boxes , Paint brushes.
We are planning on having a 2014 Spring Food Drive.
To help encourage the school to bring more items there will be a competition between each grade level, and the winning class gets a free electronic period.
Having a food drive helps the community out a lot, so having a food drive at school will help people in need of extra support.
After the food drive everyone should be thanked for participating in the food drive, whether they helped with announcing/ advertizing it, donating food; etc.
In order to thank everyone who participated in the food drive, we are going to make a video announcement.
In the announcement we are going to acknowledge the winning class
Thank everyone who participated
Announce the overall number of food items collected

Food Drive Agenda
March 18-28,2014

March 13 & 14 - Poster making and giving boxes to the staff come after school 2:30-4:00pm (Poster Committee

March 17 (Monday) - Hanging up posters after school
2:30-4:00 pm (Poster Committee)

March 18 (Tuesday) - Making the Advertizing video after school
2:30-4:00pm (Video Committee)

March 20 (Thursday)- Airing the video announcement in the school at the beginning of 3rd period. (Advertisement Committee)

March 21 (Friday)- Have teachers remind their students to start bringing in more items for the food drive, and have a collection after school.
2:30- 3:00pm (Representatives)

March 24 (Monday)- Voice Announcement (all week)

March 25 ( Tuesday) During Advisory or after school, collect food.
2:30- 3:00pm (Collecting Committees)

March 27 (Wednesday)- Air the video announcement again at the beginning of 3rd period. (Advertisement Committee)

March 29 (Friday )- After school take down posters, collect final food items, and count the amount of food collected over the whole food drive (by each grade). After all the food is counted transport food to a local food bank. (parent volunteer)
2:30- 5:00pm

April 7 (Monday)- Record thank you video for the whole school after school.
2:30-3:30pm (Advertisement Committee)

April 9 (Wednesday)- Air the thank you video in the beginning of 3rd period.

*Students will give all food items to their 4th period class.
*All food collected from classes must go to the auditorium.
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