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Presidential Election Project

No description

Chris Dilworth

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Presidential Election Project

Presidential Election Project
By: Chris Dilworth, Sarah Hart, Haley Moss, Ashley Cohen, and Jacob Rothschild
Party- Moderate Republican
Occupation- Governor of Montana
Age-45 years of age
Family-Married with 2 sons and 1 daughter
Education- Harvard Law
Charles "Chuck" Williams
As a Republican, I am running to change the hypocrisy that has plagued our nation these past few years. I am running on a platform highlighting 3 critical issues. The first being our foreign policy. As an American I believe it is our obligation to stand by and protect our allies and fellow democracies around the world. I believe we need closer relations with our only ally in the Middle East, Israel. I also believe we need to have a stronger hand in protecting minorities from ISIS. America is a world power and we need to act like one. Secondly I believe we need to energize the American economy by lowering taxes and creating incentives to allow American businesses to compete and thrive in the global market. As a start, we need to cut unnecessary and wasteful government spending. And by supporting the Keystone Pipeline, we will create thousands of high-paying jobs and in turn boost our economy. Lastly, I believe we need to make some needed reforms to Social Security. It was implemented during the Great Depression, but back then the average living age was 61 years. Today, people are living to 79, which is 18 years longer than the 1930s. That is 18 years longer that pensions are being paid to the average American and the sad fact is that the system does not work when more money is being pulled out than put in. If we do not make changes, then our children will be paying into social security only to find out that there is no social security money for them once they retire. I propose we raise the age of social security to ensure that the system can be maintained for our children. Through these 3 policies, I will sweep the election and bring stability and prosperity to America.
Stump Speech
Social Security
Foreign affairs
Social Security
Raise Social security age so that everyone will be able to receive their entitled money that they put in.
Lower taxes
Cut unneeded government spending
Subsidize goods manufactured in America to promote American jobs and businesses
Support the Keystone Pipeline

Foreign Affairs
Tougher stance on foreign threats to American and our allies
Maintain positive relationship with Israel
Encourage young Americans to take part in the election process
Hit battle ground states hard with advertising and propaganda
In Colorado, Governor Williams will address the public on the following key issues:

foreign policies, social security, and the economy. He will make appearances at local colleges to try and get young people to the voting polls. In his speech, his will focus on foreign policies due to rising issues in the Middle East. His opponent, Governor Johnson, believes that ISIS is “not a threat to the US” and our involvement in Syria “is not a vital national interest.” The citizens of Colorado disagree with Johnson, and would like to see some change in the plan for foreign policies. Governor Williams will provide Colorado with a new plan of attack on our nation’s foreign policies.
In Florida, Governor Williams will address the public on two of his three key issues. He will focus on the economy and foreign affairs, which have stirred up some conflict in the state. Governor Johnson wants to raise taxes and cut scholarships for college students. Governor Williams, on the other, wants to cut taxes and eliminate wasteful government spending to ensure job security. He will pay visits to local colleges and businesses to encourage people to show up at the voting polls. He will also promote his plan on foreign affairs and how he will protect our country.
In Virginia, Governor Williams will address the public on all three of his campaign issues. He will discuss the importance of foreign policies and his new plan on protecting the United States. He will visit numerous businesses and address his plan on tax cuts to ensure job security. Finally, he will reach out to today’s youth and promote his plan on social security.
New Hampshire and Arkansas

In New Hampshire and Arkansas, Governor Williams will speak at high schools and colleges around the state promoting social security and the economy. His speech will focus on social security and taxes, and his plan to raise the social security age to ensure that everyone will receive their entitled money.
Looking into a brighter future
Recent polls have shown that Kansas residents are leaning towards a Republican agenda in order to expand the economy and promote businesses. By slightly cutting taxes, we can help to spur the economic development. Agriculture is a large part of the state and by making sure they have adequate water supplies, Governor Williams can create an environment where farmers thrive. Passing a bill to make the Keystone Pipeline a reality can guarantee there's a good supply of oil running straight through Kansas. This pipeline can create tons of jobs, and in turn, stimulate the economy.
Governor Williams can help bridge the gap between Tea Party conservatives and mainstream republicans by working with each party to find a common ground on key issues. He can reduce the size of government, get regulators off the backs of small businesses, and make tax cuts to create more jobs. These create a good start in solving the debt crisis.
Louisiana is also in favor of the Keystone Pipeline, even having a Democrat candidate vote in favor of it being built. The state is made on lots of gas and oil reserves, underground and off the coast. Governor Williams can help to ensure they have an environment that allows them to drill for oil and gas without too many government regulations, but enough to keep Louisiana safe from natural disasters caused by their fragile coastline.
Wrap Up
Lowering taxes and cutting unnecessary government spending will move us in the right direction. Charles Williams does not believe that we can tax our way to prosperity. By supporting the project of the Keystone Pipeline, it will increase the supply of oil and we can become energy independent.
By mending our relationships with our allies in the Middle East and taking a stance on foreign threats, we can calm down the issue in the Middle East.
By reforming social security, we can make sure that everyone receives their entitled money and it doesn't go broke
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