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No description

Brittney Putman

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Hello.

My name is Brittney Putman , i am 13 years old and i am a BASEBALL PLAYER!
thats right a girl playing baseball and i have a statment to make
My School..
I currently attend Hope
Mills Middle School and in my last year of the school year... But at my school they wont allow me(a girl) to play baseball
As A citizen
as a citizen i should have the right to play baseball... yes i know theres softball but i discriminate softball here are some reasons....
1.They make the balls bigger cause girls dont have eye cordination?
2.they make the bases shorter cause girls can't run ...
3. It's not what I grew up with...
4.why make a whole nother sport just for girls...
Being ME!
Baseball is who i am.. and I at least want to try out but they wont let me do that... there completly different and if im a girl i should have the oppurtunity to try out this year at our school a girl tried out for football so why can i not try for baseball!

you usaully never hear anyone say let me go home and watch the softball game ... ITS BASEBALL and a girl is a good addition.
i Apologize for any feelings hurt about softball or any disregards softball is a sport for others and i respect that just not for me!
Thank you ...
please give me the opportunity and thank you for everything you do have a wonderful day/evening.
my dream is to be
a professinal baseball player!
me now!
in 9 years!
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