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World Cities Vs. Mega Cities

Compare and contrast the nature, characteristics and spatial distribution of World Cities with Megacities.

Lucy Kearney

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of World Cities Vs. Mega Cities

World Cities Vs. Mega Cities What is a World City? A city that has global, cultural and economic significance, often having a high cultural and economic authority. Why Are They Significant? They are the command centers for the Global Economy
Because of the phenomenon referred to as Cultural Authority, decisions that are made in World Cities affect many different countires all over the world! A prime example of Cultural Authority is
New York City •population: 8,244,910 •city's total area is 468.9 square miles •Lat/long = 40.7142° N, 74.0064° W Located in New York, USA Buenos Aries Spatial Distribution Located in Argentina in South America Is in close proximity to 5 other
mega cities in Latin America - Mexico City
- Sao Paulo
- Rio de Janeiro,
- Lima
- Santa fe de Bogota Due to Buenos Aires high population, impermanent housing such as slums are common within the city, many dwellings located 2km away from the CBD! Spatial Distribution of NYC Located in the state of New York on the
east coast of the United States of America Close proximity to Chicago which is an alpha+ world city Along with Chicago, NYC is in the same country as other world cities such as Los Angeles Population = 8.1 million 40.7° N, 74.° W Classed as an ALPHA++ city in accordance to cultural
authority, which means it is very influential 2009 GFC Cause = plummeting of shares on the New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street).

New York’s role of being an economic hub for capital flows = all other countries’ shares began decreasing until people and companies were losing large sums of money.

Many people and companies choosing to invest in New York = impact of deregulation and liberlisation of global capital. What makes NYC a world city? Focus for world finance and trade flows
- influenced heavily by NYC Wall Street High levels of business and jobs relating to the tertiary sector and low levels of manufacturing Based on information
based activities major tourist destination Host of major
cultural events HQ of NGOs and TNCs New York City What is a Megacity? Urban area with a total population of 8 million + people Megacities can be found in both developing and developed countries Megacities in Developing Countries
= struggle with overurbanisation due to rapid population increase Megacities in Developed Countries
= grow slowly under the control of
government (developing world) Majority employed in the informal sector such as vendors = leakage to the economy They are also major manufacturing centers - cheap labour
- environmental sustainability laws Mega cities don't posess the cultural and economic authority that World Cities have. Both cities depended upon by regional centers for certain human activities, Megacities do not have the immense global influence on culture, finance and politics. Thanks For Watching! Population: 14 million 34.6° S, 58.3° W Buenos Aires is classed as an Alpha city What Makes Buenos Aires a Megacity? located next to large body of water (ideal location for trade) Health and nutrition problems involved with people living in slums such as contagious diseases and malnutrition Improper infrastructure leads to Congestion on transportation
Struggles with the affects of overurbanisation such as: Buenos Aries = higher population than NYC however NYC has authority as one of the most influential cities in the world while Buenos Aries is struggling with the effects of overurbanisation and is not seen as a highly significant city in relation to influencing other countries. Thanks :)
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