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Task 2 Leadership Styles

No description

Petri Suvanto

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Task 2 Leadership Styles

P2.1 Leadership Attributes
Leadership Styles Task 2
P2.1 Leadership Skills
Ducks Consultancy
Iina Alanko - Pauliina Suoverinaho - Petri Suvanto - Eetu Salo - Kalle Kainulainen
(The Characteristic of Leadership n.d.)
Ducks Consultancy
Welcome to this presentation about Authentic Leadership Style!
Recognition of individuals
Out of box thinking
Time management skills
(Leadership charasteristic 2009; Prive 2012)
Distributing tasks
Take care of workplace atmosphere
(Helin 2015)
P2.1 Skills and Attributes for Authentic Leaders
(Authentic Leadership 2015; Poole 2011)
... tailored for your company
P2.1 Leadership Attributes & Skills
Communication Skills
Initiation Skills
Positive attitude
P2.2 Leadership Defined
Inspiring and praises employees
Asks questions from employees and sets directions and vision what to follow
People oriented
Working with heart
Wants to achieve results
Takes risks
Facilitative in decision making
(Leadership vs. Management 2015; Leadership vs. Management 2 n.d.; Understanding the differences 2015)
P2.2 Management Defined
Process of ensuring that an organization/company is able to operate in both the current and near future
Making desicion that impact on all levels (from hiring to making the company public)
Indivuals attendance - everybody’s effort is being needed
(What is management 2012)
P2.2 Difference beteern Leadership & Management
Leadership and management are complementary.
The manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate.
The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate.
(The Leadership versus Management debate n.d.; What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management n.d.)
“There is a big difference between leading and managing”
Set of processess vs. Group of people
The 'processes' can also include leadership
People are the most valuable asset
(Poole 2011, p.14)
-Managers have subordinates vs. leaders have followers
(Management - Changing Minds 2012)
Leadeship vs. Management
(Hopkin 2009)
Authentic Leadership Defined
Own experiences: thoughts, feelings,needs
Support individual and teamwork
Focuses on whether leadership is genuine
Leader behaviour is grounded in positive psychological qualities and strong ethics
Leaders know themselves clearly and acts based on their beliefs
Authentic Leadership Works...
In situation where focus is on results,
like international companies who need to expand viral
In situation where the company’s emplyees are not so vary, and there is no need to change radically
In automobile company: authentic leadership can work if they are focused on ecological things

They are true to themselves and speak openly
Admitting failure:
We would recommend Authentic leadership style for your company because...
Supports teamwork > experiences and thoughts
Pursuit of results, not for their own power, money or ego
Supports the individual worker
Lead with their heart
Connect with their employees
P 2.3 compare leadership styles for different situations

(Authentic leadership 2015)
(Authenticity: your greatest 2011; Kruse 2013)
Authentic Leadership Does Not Always Work...
Authenticity is not always possible
Depends on the personality
Can be used as an excuse
(Bruce 2013)
What Is Unique About Authenthic Leadership Style?
“I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation.”
(Steve Jobs 2005)

Great authentic leaders can have a real positive impact to the world
Authentic Leaders are best armed to tackle the issues of the today
Negative personality traits will have a more direct effect
(Connell 2014; Ziegler 2014)
(Kruse, 2013)

Causes us to act
"The term motivation refers to factors that activate, direct, and sustain goal-directed behavior. Motives are the "whys" of behavior - the needs or wants that drive behavior and explain what we do." (Nevid 2013)

(Cherry n.d.)
Divided to two:
Different Ways To Motivate Employees
(Milner 2014; Poole 2011)
What is de-motivating?
Opposite of motivation

Examples why employees get de-motivated:
- Projects do not proceed in a wanted pace
- Unpleasant working conditions or colleagues
- Miscommunication, workers do not understand each others, information do not proceed clearly

(Hedges 2014; Zaineb 2010))

Motivating staff with authentic leadership
Ways to Motivate People in the Automobile Company
There’s a situation, where your company has to expand abroad, and take employees from Finland to Germany to work on a new project. You have to turn five people’s heads and convince them, that the work in Germany is a right choise. You cant go yourself because you have your family here. How this kind of situation could be handled by autenthic leadership style?

From the authentic leadership style, staff could be motivated
by group spitrit
Emotions and personals experiences
By optimism and passion > telling about the possible results
(Klenke, 2009; Leadership, a self, leader 2012)
Theme days
(Onko työmotivaatio hukassa?, 2014)
Thank you for listening!
but now... let's get cracking!
1) Which of these leaders you know the best?
(list from 1 to 4)
Steve Ballmer
Steve Jobs
Oprah Winfrey
Larry Page

My view:
1) Steve Jobs
2) Oprah
3) Larry Page (Google co-founder/CEO)
4) Steve Ballmer (former Microsoft CEO)

2) Guess which of them are considered authentic leaders?
3) Who is this?
> Martin Luther King Jr.
4) What is Warren Buffet an expert in?

5) What is the point that I am trying to make with the quiz?

6) Why is authenticity so effective for some leaders?

7) How could you use authentic leadership yourself for example in the next group assignment?

8) Think about your own authentic personality. What kind of personality you would have as a leader?

> Investing
5) What is the point that I am trying to make with the quiz?
6) Why is authenticity so effective for some leaders?
7) How could you use authentic leadership yourself for example in the next group assignment?
8) Think about your own authentic personality. What kind of personality you would have as a leader?
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