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Project Management Final

No description

Jun Xian Kek

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Project Management Final

Seah Zhenyu, 112539X
Kek Jun Xian, 112755W
Ng Jia Jie, 110286W
Isabel Ho, 114272F
Zheng Xiao Si, 110575Y
Risk Identified
Contingency Plans
& Triggers
Monitor & Control
Risk Matrix
1. Restricted to only one trek route for the whole trip
Functional Group Participants
 Project team
 Assumption Pathway School
 Grampians National Park tour guides

To organize a 6-day Melbourne Trekking Trip for 30 Assumption Pathway School students and 2 staffs in 2 months with a total budget of $85,000
1. Fine weather

2. No flight and bus transportation delay

3. Teachers and students are not trained in first aid.

4. Tour guides are first aid trained

5. 10 Muslims students, 16 Chinese students (5 vegetarians), 14 Indian and other race students.

6. All students are from Uniform groups CCA

7. All students and teachers are physically fit
1. Requirements
2. Assumption
3. Constraints
4. Required Resouces
5. Functional Group Participants
6. Project Objectives
 1 bus
 2 Tour Guide
 8 Tents
 3 meals for 6 days

Required Resouces
Project Objective
Statements of Requirements
Project Management
Seah Zhenyu, 112539X
Kek Jun Xian, 112755W
Ng Jia Jie, 110286W
Isabel Ho, 114272F
Zheng Xiao Si, 110575Y

1. Suitable for youngsters between the ages of 14 to 15 years old.
2. Provide a bus to transport the tour group to and from Melbourne airport to Grampians National Park.
3. Purchase air tickets for the students and staff.
4. Provide all food items, equipment and tools required for the entire trekking trip, including camping tents.
5. Provide comprehensive travel insurance for the group.
6. Design and print a tour group banner
7. A pre-departure briefing must be conducted for the students and parents
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