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Copy of Communication - life in the information age

1 source of multi-media for communication

Chloe Routley

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Communication - life in the information age

Emailing is used every single day around us, it is a
form of communication as you can send messages to
people that can be formal or informal.
They are really helpful for businesses as it is a form
of communication that is free so it doesn't mean any
extra costs. Plus it's a great form or advertisement,
but it can be seen as 'spam' mail and can be
What Kate uses online communication for:
In todays age people are talking to each other online
using online services like Email and instant messaging.
MSN (MicroSoft Network) is an instant messaging service
that people use to talk to each other at that current time.
So when you've logged in you can see who else is online
and chat to them, the messages display on your screen
straight away, you don't have to wait like with Emails. People normally use this for social reasons, and they tend to be younger people (teenagers).
'I use online communication to talk to my sister who
lives far away from me. It is cheaper for the both of us
to communicate this way and is sometimes more
conveniant as she works and I go to school, so I can send
a message in the morning and she will recieve it when
she logs on the social networking site and reply, i will
then recieve the reply when i log on to the social
networking site'.
Advantages of Email:
Emailing is a very simple process, you can customize your messages that you send and can organise them into different folders.
Sending emails is very environmentally friendly as it doesn't use any paper that you would use if you was to send letters.
With emails you can send them to anyone around the world no matter how far they are providing that they have access to the internet.
Disadvantages of Email:
Some emails can contain viruses, a virus is a piece of programming that is out there to damage the software of your computers and even the hardware. Some companies appear as a professional business but are really trying to scam you and will persuade the reader to click on something they shouldn't.
If you dont check your emails very often then it may get flooded where you have some many unread emails, this can take time to sort through them all.
If you automatically set your filter to delete or disregard spam emails and send them to the 'junk' folder, there is a chance that some important emails may arrive there, so it is worth it to check your junk folder from time to time.
Advantages of Chat:
There is no extra cost when using an instant messaging service like Skype or MSN. However you do need to pay for the internet first that you're borrowing the service for free.
Instant messaging is not as intrusive as physically talking to someone or phoning them, so you could send them a message, and they will answer back in their own time whenever they're ready.
You can have many different contacts added that you can sort out (e.g business colleagues/friends/family/favourites).

As whom you are talking to can send any files like images through certain instant messaging services, they may not have scanned them with their anti-virus software so it may contain a virus that is potentially harmful.
If you're having a business conversation with a client, then it can be very easy to use informal language, this can give a bad reputation for your business.
If you want to save messages then you have to change it in the options menu, whereas with Emails all messages get saved. However with instant messaging, people can have very personal conversations on it; so people may not like it if they are saving there words.

Disadvantages of Chat:
Always scan files that you download or obtain from the internet or friends, because it can save you so much trouble! You can get free services that provide virus scanning, like AVG.
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