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My Last Words

No description

Amy He

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of My Last Words

My Last Words
Past Reflections
Normal life
Isolated childhood
Having siblings
Financial issues in the later years
Transition to middle school
Influential People
My mother
Don't give up so easily
Be independent
My cousin
Be bold
Try new things
Mr. Deiter
Taught organization is key to success
Personal Reflection
Having immigrant parents
Transitioning to upper grade schools
Mistakes are okay
Growing up is not scary
Towards the Future
Go to college and graduate
Continuation of voluntary services
Get a job
Possibly make a family
Move to a new state
Travel to different places
My Message, My Goals
By: Amy He
September 3, 2015
English 12, Period: 5

"Do not be afraid of what lies ahead. Only you, yourself, can lead your own future. The decisions you make can result positively or negatively, but never let negativity take control of you."

- Self Quote
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