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Forensic Pathologist

Trena Mounts Block 2

trena mounts

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Forensic Pathologist

Career Cluster Health Science Salary Starting Pay: $80,000
Top Pay: $300,000 Education & Training ~Undergraduate (4 years)
~Medical School (4 years)
~Residency (4-5 years)
~Certification 13-15 years of
schooling. Characteristics of
someone in this field ~Critical Thinking Skills
~Good Written Communication-
~Able To Work Under Pressure Job Duties Using available information to determine
one's cause and manner of death by
preforming an autopsy. Facts There's not only 1 role in Pathology, some other roles include : detective, pathologist, politician and public relations. The demand for this
career has went up 20%
since 2010 Advantages &
Disadvantages Advantages-
~Never Boring
~Good Hours
~High Salary
~Comfort Grieving
~Amazing Experience Disadvantages-
~Alot of Tedious
~Stress Work Areas Police Law
Enforcement Office Crime Lab Hospital Hours & Travel Hours-
50 - 60 hours a week Days-
5 days a week;
Pathologists are usually
on call Travel-
Usually traveling to
the crime scene or in courts
as expert witness Dress ~Goggles
~Lab Coat
~Gloves P*A*T*H ~Passion
I would have passion
for this career because I
love researching and solving
mysteries. ~Attitude
My attitude for this
career would be very
outgoing, persistent and
hardworking ~Talent
I have talent for this
career because I cant
work under pressure,
I know how to keep calm and
I have good written communication
skills. ~Heart
I have heart for
this career, I could
wake up everyday and love
what I do and give never question
it. Forensic Pathologist Trena Mounts Block 2
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