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First Day of School

Rules, expectations, procedures, etc.

joe davis

on 11 August 2018

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Transcript of First Day of School

What happens if I misbehave?

1. Warning

2. Teacher/student chat after class

3. Detention/suspension and a phone call home

4. Office disciplinary action

5. Parent/teacher/student conference
Mr. Davis
American History
How do I access everything we do in class, when I'm at home?
Write this in your Binder Reminder
How does Mr. Davis grade stuff?
Your overall grade is broken up this way:
Tests account for 60% of your final grade
Homework and projects account for 30% of your final grade
In class assignments account for 10% of your final grade
What's an A, B, C, D, and F?
F=59% or less
If I'm absent, am I excused from what we did in class that day?
Absolutely not. Anything you missed will be marked down as a zero until you make it up.
It is 100%, completely, without a doubt, your responsibility to find out what you missed and to make it up.
Check the blog, ask me, or ask another student what you missed.
What are we going to be doing in class this year?
We'll be learning about American History...
History, geography, political science, economics.
How are we going to do this?
Cornell Notes
Reading Primary documents
Reading secondary sources
Various practice activities
Power Points/Prezi
Class discussion
Historical inquiry
End of the chapter tests
Written Response papers
What are Mr. Davis' rules?
The MOST important rule....
Respect me, other students, and other teachers/administrators.
Other rules and regulations:
DON'T TALK WHILE I'M TALKING (refer to the most important rule)
Raise your hand when you wish to speak
No hats, hoods, beanies, or head pieces of any kind--that goes for you too, ladies
No eating, no gum, water only
No cell phones, ipods, etc. (unless of course, I tell you to use them)
What do I need for this class?
Spiral notebook; 5 points extra credit if you have it tomorrow.
High lighter
Internet device if you have one
What were the strengths and weaknesses of the North?
And here's where you come up with your own questions...
If something is written in green, don't write it
(at the end of class)
Homework and projects
In Class assignment
Strengths: Population, money, manufacturing, farms, iron, coal, copper, RR track.
Weaknesses: Military leadership
Mr. Davis contact information:
(760) 631-5209 ext 1310
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