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Death Camps

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bob bob

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Death Camps


Auschwitz was an extermination camp consisting of 3 large camps: Auschwitz I, Birkenau, and Monowitz.
Auschwitz is the largest of all the concentration camps.

Over 6,000,000 Jewish people died at death camps located all around europe, but most death camps were located in poland.
Concentration camps were located in poland because of there vast network of railrod traks.

There were about 1,500camps but those were only temporary camps. The Nazis had 20 large camps:

People were transported by train to five d iferent types of camps
Transit and collection camps
Camps for rehabilitation and education.
Extermination camps
Hostage camps (death camps)
Labor camps All these camps were consisted of mostly Jewish people and a small percentage of poles (gypsies), soviet prisoners, and politcly different people (homosexuals). People were either killed, held as a hostage, or were worked to death in factories. Alot of people just died from diseases; from dead bodies. Types of Torture and Extermination: Gas Chamber

People were forced into a chamber or tricked into going inside.
Then they were gased until unconciousness, then they would die from the poisonous gas.
The Nazi camp workers called the chambers (the shower) and would tell the Jewish that they were going to take a shower.

The ovens Jews were burned in furnace's after being gased, but people were also forced into the chambers while they were still alive.
Sometimes bodies would pile up to a point where the bodies would start roting.
So they burned them out in the open because the ovens were full.
Medical Experimanetation
Surgeons at camps would experiment on the Jews by taking out organs.
Camp surgeons like Dr. Mandalay would take out there eyes and replace them with someone elses eye.
Electric chair

Jews were strapped to an electric chair and were tested to see how long they could survive an electric shock.
Than they would test to see how high of a voltage they could survive. Dr. Mangele Dr. mangele was an experimental dr. at Auschwitz.
His experiments involved removing important organs from the people at the camp to see if they could survive.
He would cut open his paitents with out any sedative or anesthetic, so they would feel all the pain.
Dr. Mangele would do experiments on twins; taking out both of there brains and putting them in opposite bodies to see if the twins still act normaly.

Death camp:

Auschwitz People were loaded on the train and had to wait out a long journey to a transit camp.
Then Nazi camp workers loaded the jews on to the train to be transfered to one of the large camps (auschwitz).
When the would arrive they would encounter the most dreadful site.......... LOADING OFF AT BIRKENAU Once people were loaded off at one of the three camps they were either killed, used as a worker, or used as an experiment.
They were stripped of there belongings and cloths and were washed with a firehose.
Then they were tattoed so that they could be identified at the camp. Five question test on what you have learned.

1. What is the largest concentration/death camp in Poland?
A. Majdanek B. Belzec C. Auschwitz

Cited work:





http://www.auschwitz.dk/Mengele.htm Picture of a map showing death and concentration camps in Poland. 2. How many people died at camps?
A. 1.2 million B. 500,00 C. 6 million 3. Who is the infamous surgeon at Auschwitz who did medical experiments on the Jew's?
A. Heinrich Himmler B. Josef Mangele C. Adolf Hitler
4. Where did the Jews stop before they went to one of the larger camps?
A. An extermination camp B. A POW camp C. A transit camp
5. Where where camps mainly located?
A. Poland B. Austria C. Hungary
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