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Lesson #13: Threats to Dolphins

No description

chris desmond

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Lesson #13: Threats to Dolphins

Threats to Dolphins Entanglement Something that is entwined twisted or tangled up with an object. For example a dolphin can become entangled in fishing line like Seymour did. Pollution The introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. Disease When an organ, part or system of the body doesn't function properly as a result from infection, poisons, nutritional shortage or negative environmental factors. Pollution in the environment can cause animals to get diseases and become ill. If the water is not clean and healthy, it could harm dolphins directly or reduce their food supply, fish. Collision Harass To disturb or pester. Trying to chase, swim, touch or get too close to a wild animal can be considered harassment to that animal. Mortality Death rate in a population. Predator A species that preys on another species for food. Sharks are the dolphin's only predator. Dolphin Pox A violent crash. For example, impact from a boat to a marine mammal that can injure them. Manatees often have
marks and wounds from
boat propellers... Seymour's entanglement
around his peduncle
close to his fluke,
and the rescue!
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