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Miracle in Cell No. 7

No description

mc darwyn valera

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Miracle in Cell No. 7

Yong-gu doesn’t hesitate to save the chief from a burning room. Obviously

Chief Jang soon figures out that Yong-gu couldn’t have committed the crime he’s accused
Miracle in Cell No. 7
Rising action
Falling action
YONG-GU, a man with the intelligence of a child but whose world revolves around his young daughter. She, on the other hand, has been forced by circumstance and unconditional love into becoming the parent of their little family, no matter the fact that she’s only a child.
Sailor Moon backpack on display which he desperately wants to buy for his daughter, since she adores the series.
playing out the crime scene with all its possible results until they can glean what actually happened (since Yong-gu can’t paint a full picture for them). They finally come to the conclusion that the little girl he’s accused of killing merely slipped on ice and hit her head. It wasn’t even a murder, it was just a terrible accident.
Ye-sung become a Lawyer and she use it to make father's name clear
Ye-sung is nothing but devoted to her father, and gets the chance to see him in prison when his cellmates sneak her in from a Christian ministry event (there’s a recurring joke about how Ye-sung’s name is pronounced the same way as “Jesus” is in Korean) hosted by the orphanage she’s sent to.

The film is a heartwarming comedy and family melodrama about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for murder who builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, and they help him see his daughter again by breaking her in
There’s the modern storyline.
What follows is a story that takes place in two time periods.
The year 1997.

Since they can’t accompany Yong-gu to his trial, they spend countless hours drilling him on what to say to the judge and just how to profess his innocence.cv
Korean criminal system of the late 1990’s.
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