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Lord of the Flies Study Notes

No description

Shelby Newton

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Study Notes

Lord of the Flies Study Notes
Chapter 1 & 2
Chapter 6 & 7
Chapter 8 & 9
Chapter 10 & 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 1:
We learn about Piggy and Ralph
Nuclear bomb
Discovery of the conch
Jack and the boy's choir
Ralph is elected the leader
Ralph, Simon, and Jack explore the island

Chapter 2:
No signs of adults on the island
Introduction to the beast
Signal fire
Chapter 3, 4 & 5
Chapter 3:
The pig and the huts
Conflict between Ralph and Jack
Simon discovers the jungle glade

Chapter 4:
Daily routine
Ship on the horizon and the missing signal fire
Conflict between Piggy and Jack

Chapter 5:
The subject of the "beastie" reappears
Ralph wants to quit being the leader
Chapter 6:
Military plane & the parachutist
The boys go on a expedition
Ralph gets mad at the group for playing games

Chapter 7:
Boar chase
Re-enactment of the chase
Jack, Ralph, and Roger discovers the "beastie"
Chapter 8:
Jack calls an assembly
Jack created his own tribe
Ralph builds a new signal fire
Jack and his tribe kills a sow
Jack and his tribe attack Ralph and Piggy
Simon slips away from Ralph's camp
Lord of the Flies

Chapter 9:
Simon realize the beast does not exist
Jack's feast
Simon's death
Chapter 10:
Interpretation of Simon's death
Jack's misbehavior towards his tribe
Jack, Roger, and Maurice attack Ralph's camp and they steal Piggy's glasses

Chapter 11:
Ralph and the group tries to light the signal fire
Ralph and the group goes to Castle Rock
Conflict between Ralph and Jack
Piggy's death & the conch is destroyed
Chapter 12:
Comparison of the conch and the Lord of the Flies
Ralph meets Sam and Eric
Jack and his tribe tries to kill Ralph but fails
Jack puts the island on fire
Ralph runs to the beach where he meets an naval officer
Ralph and the rest of the boys are rescued
Symbolism - Conch
Page 16 - 19: Ralph discovers the conch
Page 33: The conch governs the boy's
Page 99: The conch brought the group together
Page 156 - 157: The conch reassures Ralph after Simon's death
Page 175: Ralph takes the conch to Castle Rock
Page 181: The conch is shattered in millions of little pieces
Characterization - Ralph
Theme - Fear of the Unknown
Examples from the story that bring out the theme
Internal Description
External Description
How does the author use the symbol to express a theme?
What does the symbol mean to the characters in the novel?
It means:
The author expresses the theme through actions and events to symbolize authority and power. Also, Golding uses the conch to emphasize the theme of the breakdown of civilization. For example, when the conch was shattered, there were no more power and authority, and the island went into a chaos. The absence of the conch leads the boys to become extremely savage.
Examples of when the conch is present:
Page 35 - 36: A small boy claims that he saw a "beastie"
Page 52: Simon's opinion about the beast
Page 59: The littluns are still scared of the beast
Page 62: A shadow creeps beneath Jack
Page 82 - 83: During an assembly, the boys talk about fear
Page 98 - 100: Sam and Eric claims to have seen the beast
Page 118: Ralph is scared to explore the mountain at night
Page 123: Jack, Ralph, and Roger discovers the beast
Page 152 - 154: During a feast, the boys saw a dark shadow in the forest and attacked
How can the theme be applied to real life situations?
When you feel uncomfortable or unsafe to explore something that is unknown to you.
Everyone is afraid of something. You will never be able to stop being afraid of something because it is felt mentally, not physically or emotionally.
“I’m not afraid of heights; I’m afraid of falling. I’m not scared of the dark; I’m scared of what’s in it (…)”.
Intelligent: He blows the conch to group the rest of the survivors, and find ways to survive (page 11 - 17)

Leadership: Leads the boys (entire novel)

Immature: Plays with the other boys and makes jokes (page 24)

Enthusiastic: Passionate to explore the island (page 23 - 26)
Serious: The meeting are not to fool around but to figure things out so they can survive another day on the island (page 76)

Pensive: Ralph realizes he can’t think as well as Piggy but can now recognize one thought from another. He's always finding solutions (page 78)

Mature: Out of all the boys, Ralph is one of the most mature on the island. He thinks and acts like an adult, probably because he is always looking for a sign that there’s an adult near. He’s the only one who really misses the comfort of home. He wants to give up but cannot because he holds all the boys respect; including Jack’s (page 94 - 95)
Too pensive: Ralph can’t remember why they need a fire; he only knows it’s important. He forgets about being rescued (page 173)
Called the “fair-haired boy” (page 1)
Dirty and badly scratched (page 23)
He wears a gray shirt, now stiff like cardboard and frayed shorts. His hair is tangled (page 76 - 77)
Filthy hair, that’s much too long, nails bitten down. Dirty but no obviously dirty, as the sweat washed away most of it. Skin, scurfy with brine (page 113 - 114)
There is no description
What other themes may be present??
(Nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
Chapter 12: Cry of the Hunters
What's Ralph doing at the beginning?
What does he think of the boys now?
What does Ralph see that is most disheartening?
Who does he talk to secretly?
What are they doing?
What do they warn Ralph of?
What does Ralph do because of the news?
What does Jack's tribe then "have" to do?
Explain the ending.
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