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Circle 9:Treachery, Dante's Inferno

No description

Justin Cook

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Circle 9:Treachery, Dante's Inferno

First ring, Caina, consists of people who have sinned against their family
Everything is frozen and very cold
Dante comes to river Cocytus, completely frozen
People are frozen up to their chins in the river
Dante comes across the Bisenzio brothers, who killed each other over politics.
Dante accidentally kicks a sinner in the head and rips his hair out to find out who he is.
Dante and Virgil move to the second ring, Antenora, where people who have sinned against their homeland are put
Dante comes across two sinners close together with one chewing on the back of the other's head
Canto 32
Canto 33
The man chewing on another man's head, Count Ugolino, explains his story
After being exiled from Pisa, Ugolino is invited back by Archbishop Ruggieri only to be betrayed by him and locked in a tower and is left for dead with his 4 sons
After all of his sons die in the tower, the now blind Ugolino eats his dead sons
Dante and Virgil move on to the third ring, Ptolomea, which consists of people who sinned against their guests
Sinners are lying flat on the ice and it is so old their tears freeze immediately
Dante meets Fra Alberigo, who had his family assassinated
Alberigo claims he does not know if he is alive or not because his live body could be possessed while his soul is in Hell
Alberigo claims the same for his neighbor Branca Doria
Canto 34
Dante and Virgil move on to the fourth ring; Judecca, these sinners have sinned against benefactors
Dante uses Virgil as a wind breaker because of the immense winds in the fourth ring
Dante sees Lucifer and describes himself as being closer to a giant's size than Lucifer is
Lucifer has 3 heads, one red, one yellow, one black
Lucifer is crying and chewing on Judas with his middle head, Brutus in the black head, and Cassius in the yellow head
Now that Dante has seen Hell they leave by jumping onto Lucifer and climbing down, once they cross the center of the Earth, they climb up to the ocean where inferno ends.
Post-Dante sinners in the 9th Circle of Hell
Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook shooting, killed his mom
Aldrich Ames, worked for the CIA until he was found to be a Soviet Union double agent who sold American spies' identities to the Russians
Benedict Arnold, American general who did not recieve the notification he thought he deserved so he fled to Britain where he fought alongside them against America
The 9th circle of Hell is mostly ice and is freezing cold
The ninth circle surounds Lucifer and is the smallest out of the nine circles
Made up of 4 rings; Caina, Antenora, Ptolomea, and Judecca
Caina contains sinners who have sinned against their family, sinners are submurged into the ice up to their necks
Antenora contains sinners who have sinned against their homeland, sinners are also submurged in the ice up to their necks
Ptolomea conatins those who have sinned agianst their guests, sinners are lying on top of the ice while it is so cold that it freezes their eyes
Judecca contains those who have sinned against their benefactors, sinners are completely submurged into the ice in awkward positions
Judias, Brutus, and Caaius are being chewed on by Lucifer three heads
Nonstopping wind created by Lucifer flapping his wings
Dante has to use Virgil as a wind breaker because of how strong and cold the wind is
Sandro Botticelli
Betrayal of Lord
ice=frozen in sin
3 faces: yellow, black and red
Traitors of their benefactors
Judas suffers the most (red)
Cassius and Brutus assasinate Julius Ceasar
Virgil and Dante's way out
4th Realm of Treachery: Judecca
2nd Realm of Treachery: Antenora
Betrayal of Government
Ugilino Betrayal
Ruggieri's method of murder towards Ugolio and his family
Canabalism (Ugolino gnawing on Ruggieri's head)
Ugolio's payback
Gustave Dare
"The Frozen Pit
Treacherous Fraud"

Circle Nine-Traitors
(Cantos 32-34)
Justin Cook
Josh Domako
Kinsey McBryde
Matt Sill
Natalia Come

“ That, by effect of
his malicious thoughts /
Trusting in him I was
made prisoner, / and after
put to death; I need not say...”

“ I did not die,
and I alive remained not; / Think for thyself now, hast thou aught of wit, / What I became, being of both deprived...”

But may those Ladies
help this verse of mine, /
Who helped Amphion
in enclosing Thebes…”

“...Accursed traitor;
for unto thy shame I will report of thee veracious new”

What is Bocca's reply?
"At every mouth he with his teeth was crunching / A sinner in the manner of a brake, so that the three of them tormented thus" (34.55-57)
Bisenzio brothers, Caina, killed each other over politics
Camiscione dei Pazzi, Caina, killed a kinsman for political power
Mordred, Caina, betrayed his father, King Arthur
Sassol Mascheroni, Caina, killed a relative
Fra Alberigo, Caina, invited his relatives over for dinner, then had them assassinated
Branca Doria, soul in Caina, body possesed on Earth
Bocca, Antenora, sinned against his country, refuses to tell Dante his identity so Dante rips his hair out
Buoso da Duera, Antenora, sinned against his country
Beccheria, Antenora, sinned against his country
Gianni dei Soldanieri, Antenora, sinned against his country
Ganelon, Antenora, sinned against his country
Tebaldello, Antenora, sinned against his country
Ugolino, Antenora, frozen up to his neck, eating Ruggieri's head
Ruggieri, Antenora, frozen against Ugolina; frozen up to his neck, is getting eaten by Ugolino
Brutus, Judecca, is being chewed by Lucifer with his head sticking out
Cassius, Judecca, is being chewed by Lucifer with his head sticking out
Judas Iscariot, Judecca, is being chewed by Lucifer with his body sticking out
People in the 9th circle
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