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Does Boat Shape Affect It’s Weight Capacity.

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Prem Siri

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Does Boat Shape Affect It’s Weight Capacity.

Our Objective
Our Research
Does Boat Shape Affect It’s Weight Capacity.
We wanted to know what boats’ shapes could hold the most weight. We knew that that the shape of the boats are normally rectangle or circle ,but we wanted to learn why the shapes are only circle or rectangle.

We found out that the shapes of boats affect the boats’ weight capacity because if the boat is more dense that the liquid and has a large number of enclosed air, it will float! This is the reason why boats are mostly rectangle, because rectangular boats are more dense.



Our Hypotheses
I thought that the boat with a large shape with thin sides could hold the most weight, because I thought that the biggest boat have the largest amount of mass.

Prem's Hypothesis
I thought that the cone held the least weight because the cone shape looks strange…….. My hypothesis was correct, the cone held the least and the rectangle could held the most. The cone could held up to 10 grams and the rectangle could held 80 grams.

Jeff's Hypothesis

Our Objective
The Variables and Controls
Independent Variable
An independent variable is what we are investigating in an experiment.
Our independent variables are the shape of the foil boat!

We had made 4 different shapes.

Rectangular Boat
Cone Boat
Bowl Boat
Cylinder Boat
Dependent Variable
A dependent variable is what we are measuring in an experiment.
My dependent variable is the amount of rice each boat could hold.

Our dependent variable was the amount of rice each boat could hold because we were investigating which boat could hold the most weight capacity so we needed to measure how much each boat could hold to compare the results.

A control is what we do not change. The reason why we do not change it is because we use it to compare our results to it. Controls serve as a standard to check and/or verify the experiment results.
The controls are..
Size of the aluminum used (30X30 cm).

Amount of water used in the experiment.

Type of material used to measure the weight
By : Jeff & Prem
Created on March 14 to 18, 2014

Aluminum Foil
5 Pieces of
30X30 aluminum foil

A Bucket…..Filled With Water
With about 600 grams of tap water.

Any kind of pencil, pen is also fine!

More than or equal to 30 cm.

Steps….AKA Procedures
Use aluminum foil to construct at least 4 boat hulls with different sizes and shapes.

Cylinder Boat
Bowl Boat
Cone "Boat"
Rectangular Boat
Label the boats from 1 to 4.

Step III Calculate
Calculate the volume of each boat by measuring the amount of dry rice put in the boat (measure by using a scale).

Rectangular Boat
135 grams of rice supported.

Cylinder Shape
80 grams of rice supported

Cone Boat
About 36 to 37 grams of rice supported

Bowl Boat
110 grams of rice supported

Step IV Start the experiment
Put the boat inside a bucket filled with water.

It does not matter which boat is the first…….

Step V Observe
Weight the amount of rice you can put until the boat sinks.

So this Bowl Boat held 50 grams of rice.
Do step IV and step V for every boat
Step VI Record
Record data by creating a table or jotting everything down on a paper.

Step VII
Repeat your experiment to make sure that the results are correct.
That’s all of the steps….
Brief Conclusion
My data does not support Prem's hypothesis (but support Jeff's) because my hypothesis was a boat with irregular shape (Cone) would hold more weight. The result was the opposite ; the cone boat held the least weight ( 10 grams) and the rectangular boat held the most weight (80 grams). In conclusion the rectangular boat held the most weight (80 grams), then the bowl boat (50 grams), then cylinder boat (14 grams), last and the least cone boat ( 10 grams).
Reflection (Mistakes)
During the experiment, we used bowls that were too short for the boats to float in, the cone boat’s body is a bit too long for the bowl. Another mistake we made during construction boats were not tight enough so the boat leaked…..If I repeat my experiment, I should construct the boat better.

Real Life Example
I think that people should try using rectangular “kratongs” on Loy Krathong day. If the krathongs are rectangular, it could hold more ornaments for people to decorate. It could hold more decorations, flowers, candles, etc. for people to decorate.
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