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Cost-effective Study Abroad Programs for Pa Residents

Overview of less expensive, Penn State and International Business Minor approved Study Abroad opportunities for In-state residents.

Stephanie Chastain

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Cost-effective Study Abroad Programs for Pa Residents

Looking for a cost-effective Study Abroad opportunity as a Pennsylvania resident?
Check out exchanges and direct enrollment programs
Review all locations and consider going outside of Western Europe
Use your business skills to determine your estimated costs
Office of International Programs
Explore Great Programs
for under $20,000
Central & South America
Africa & the Middle East
The Americas
Quito, Ecuador
Easy access to amenities in this capital city, but just a short distance away from indigenous villages and markets, rainforests, volcanoes and beaches
Multitude of volunteer opportunities for additional ways to get involved in the local community
4 Semesters of Spanish language required
Homestay housing
Direct Enrollment at University San Francisco of Quito
Most affordable Penn State Approved program
Puebla, Mexico
Known for its Spanish colonial architecture and its concentration of contemporary artists and other cultural activities
Located only 60 miles south of Mexico City on a mountain plain in a big city with small town feel
5 Semesters of Spanish Language required
Homestay or dormitory housing
Direct Enrollment at the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla
Dominican Republic
Also check out:
Santiago, Chile
Africa and the Middle East
Cairo, Egypt
Nairobi, Kenya
Surrounded by mountains and the sea, learn Arabic or French in a cultural, capital city
No prior language requirements
Homestay or dormitory housing
Choose direct enrollment or study center courses
6,000 years of culture, Cairo has numerous historical sites including the Pyramids, the Abdin Palace, the Al-Azhar Mosque, and the Coptic Museum
As a business and commercial center with many modern facilities, Cairo is home to 33,000 U.S. citizens
No previous language requirements
Arabic language classes available
Apartment or Dormitory Housing
Exchange with students from the American University in Cairo
Located near the equator on the East coast of Africa, learn about international development in a culturally rich and diverse country
Conduct research or participate in a development internship
No Previous language requirements
Learn the Swahili language
Homestay housing
Take courses at the Minnesota Studies in International Development Study Center
Seek these locations too:
Dakar, Senegal
Haifa, Israel
Merida, Venezuela
Freiburg, Germany
Study in a quintessential German town with winding streets and historic architecture
Amidst the famous Black Forest in southern Germany and within close traveling distance to France and Switzerland
0-5 semesters of German language experience
Dormitory housing
Take classes at a Study Center or directly enroll at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg or the University of Freiburg
Limerick, Ireland
City atmosphere in heart of western Ireland with direct access to small town, Irish charm and the Shannon International airport
No prior language requirements
Dormitory Housing
Directly enroll with Irish students at the University of Limerick
Valencia, Spain
Practice your spanish fluency on the beaches of the Mediterranean and in the markets and museums of the 3rd largest city in Spain
4 semesters of Spanish required
Homestay housing for optimal language practice
Directly enroll with other American study abroad students in the University of Virginia Hispanic Studies in Valencia
Marburg, Germany
Other Cost-effective Options in Europe:
Perugia, Italy
Beijing, China
Seoul, South Korea: Sogang University
National University of Singapore
Capital of People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world
Major hub known for national and international business and opulent palaces, temples and cultural activities
2 semesters of Mandarin Chinese required
Courses instructed in English
Dormitory or Homestay Housing
Take courses at the IES Study Center with other American university students
Study in a booming Capital city with the world's fourth largest metropolitan economy
Central campus location in a small neighborhood with many Korean restaurants, shopping, movies, and cafes
0-2 Semesters of Korean language experience
Dormitory Housing
Directly enroll with Korean students at Sogang University
Located on an 25-mile wide island just north of the Equator, Study in a modern metropolitan city with English as its official language
No prior language requirements
Apartment or Dormitory Housing
Directly enroll with the National University of Singapore
Don't forget about:
Hong Kong, China
Warsaw, Poland
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