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F. B.

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of AIEQ

Association internationale des études québécoises (AIEQ)
its mission, its organization, its actions, etc.
Activities, ACTIONS and more!
Encourage and support
, in Canada and abroad, the development of a better understanding of the specific characteristics of Québec through :
research projects
conferences and publications about Québec or related to it.
Board of directors :

32 members (20 from outside Québec province)
Executive committee:
5 members (3 from outside Québec province)
Evaluation committee :
12 professors and researchers (6 from outside Québec province)
Ministries and organizations
Québec and Franco-canadian universities

International characteristics
3000 professors, resarchers and students, located in 82 countries all around the world
70 % are from outside of Québec province
50 000 students outside of Québec take Québec studies courses each year
electronic newletter (3,000 subscribers)
web sites
Finance members' activities
International conferences
Organization & participation
Courses on Québec
guest speakers
Publications about Québec
distribution of books and translated editions
Experts tours
guest speakers
Grants for study, grants for research & grants for internships (
Grants for USA students (2)
Writers tours
Intensive courses for teachers of French as a foreign language
online tools
electronic books

and international
Characteristics of Quebec scholars and their fields of interest
Activities in the world, ACTIONS and more!
Presence in the world and members
Financing and international characteristics
Mission and organization
Presence in the world
and members
30.3 % Québec
20.3 % Western Europe
11.8 % United States
7.9 % ROC
7.6 % Asia & Oceania
7.4 % Latin America
7.2 % South Africa
4.1 % Eastern Europe
3.4 % North Africa and Middle East

Growth in membership by region:
1559 membres
Multidisciplinary characteristics
Francophone or French studies
Quebec studies
Topic studies
Area studies
ex: America/Québec
Quebec scholars and their fields of interest
they communicate:
80.5 % teach
31.7 % research
31.5 % write books
and articles
they observe and analyse culture,
language and identity questions in
different fields:
29.6 % literature
23.0 % linguistic
18.6 % sociology and anthropology
17.7 % history
14.7 % political science
they are francophones and francophiles
90.4 % speak French
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