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What makes Maggie a wonderful person?



on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of What makes Maggie a wonderful person?

She's keen to learn
She's smart
Like really smart. She can analyze everything to the last dot. Her critical thinking skills are exceptional and she will not believe any nonsense. Maggie can argue and reason like a real lady/gentleman.
She is also knowledgeable- a perfect partner in any conversation.
She's beautiful
Thanks to genes, obviously. But even if it's not her merit, it's an aesthetic perk.
Her beauty also lies in her soul, so I guess she'll be lovely even after 92.
She's kind
She loves and cares deeply. For the sake of her loved ones, Maggie can dug a whole to the center of the Earth, if she must.
She is empathetic and have a "golden heart", however cheesy it sounds.
Maggie always want to experience new things, to taste new flavours, to travel a little bit further.
Her comfort zone covers all the continents.
(She's basically Bilbo.)
She tries
Even if she's anxious and doubts herself, she will persist. No matter how hard it is, she wants to excel herself. Maggie is one of the bravest person I've known.
I know there's no ranking but if there was one, Maggie, you would be rated as an A+ human being. No doubts for that.

I am very proud to call you my sister.

I wish you all the best this universe can offer us.

Live long and prosper, and DFTBA!
"When you can't run, you crawl.
And when you can't crawl,
you find someone to carry you."
Maggie, there's a lot of people who would help you in need. You've made a lot of meaningful friendships in your not-so-long lifetime. You've made us smile and think and wonder. We are better humans thanks you.

We care about you. And when the time is right, we will carry you.
What makes Maggie a wonderful person?
She's funny
And not in a mean way, which is pretty rare. Maggie can appreciate an intelligent joke as well as the stupidest pun made by her siblings. And her laughter is delightful and contagious.
You are simply the best!
<cue Tina Turner's song>
Too precious to waste time for any life crisis-
just sayin'...
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