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No description

Audra Coffman

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Espana

A Brief History
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Spain Today
The Kingdom of Spain
Current Events

In the News
Pop Culture in Spain
An Interview With Maria Luisa Humanes
The Future

Talking Points
Population: 46.7 Million
Languages: Spanish (Castilian),
Catalan (Valencian), Gallego (Galician),
Euskera (Basque)
"My impression is that the students in Spain are very pessimistic about their future particularly by the economic crisis."
1492 - end of 800 years of Muslim rule

19th Century - political & economic problems

1931 - Republic declared

1975 - Move to Democracy - Franco death

*SPAIN = Parliamentary Monarchy*

Problems - ETA, Economic Crisis
Unemployment: 25% (Young Adults - 52.9%)

Freedom House
Press Status:
Score: 23
Legal: 4
Political: 13
Economic: 6
Polarized Pluralist
Low mass-circulation
High political parallelism
High state intervention
Over 100 dailies in circulation
4 Major Media Companies
1st major
dailies after
death of Franco
El Pais (Socialist background)
ABC (Monarchy)
El Mundo (Right-wing)
La Vanguardia (1881) Balanced
Most Popular
Spain proposes new law
Spanish Media
State of the Press
What is the current state of journalism in Spain?

- A precarious employment status because the economic crisis. 5.500 journalists have lost their job.

- Low credibility levels by the citizens.

- High political parallelism and politicization, especially in the press.

How do your students view their chosen career field, and are they optimistic about the future of the profession?

Search engines to pay for content
Spanish Media
Any Questions?
What are your thoughts on
the future of journalism in Spain?
Entertainment News
Roman Catholic & Muslim Moor
PM Mariano Rajoy
King Juan Carlos
Spanish Celebrities
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