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Timeline For Abigail Adams

No description

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Timeline For Abigail Adams

Time Line For Abigail Adam's Life
Second President
John Adam's became the 2nd president.

If John wouldn't have been president I would have never been the second First Lady.
The Battle of Bunker Hill
The Declaration of Independence
I had to stay at home with my kids, while John went off to sign the Declaration of Independence.

The way it impacted my life was by her thinking that women should have more rights, and I often thought it wasn't fair that I had to stay at home.
The End To The American Revolution
The treaty, signed by John Adams, had that officially was the end to the American Revolution.

This impacted my life a lot, because I was able to get more sleep, which would help stop from spreading the small pox.
Setting Sail For Europe
My daughter Nabby and I set sail for Europe where we reunite with John.

This impacted my life by getting to see my husband again because I thought I might die from a disease that was bad at the time.
Second First Lady
I become the Second First Lady.

This impacts my life by getting a say in things that helped get women's rights.
This impacted my life by my family's doctor also a good friend had gotten beheaded during the battle.
June 17, 1775
My son John Quincy and I watch the battle.
July 18, 1776
September 3, 1783
June 20, 1784
I am Born
November 11, 1744
This impacted my life by many things including women's rights.
Getting Married
October 25, 1764
I got married to John Adams who was a lawyer at that time.

This impact my life by me becoming the second first lady of the U.S.
March 1, 1789
George Washington was selected as the first president of the U.S and John was elected for vice president.

This impacted my life by getting to speak to the president about women's rights and try to get him to pass a law about it.
March 4, 1797
March 1, 1797
George Washington Dies
December 19, 1799
If it wasn't for George , John wouldn't have became the 2nd president, and I wouldn't be a first lady.
October 28, 1818
I died on this day from Typhoid fever, which is an infection that causes don't laugh (especially you Noah and Eli) diarrhea and a rash most commonly due to a type of bacteria called Salmonella typhi.
This impacted not just my life but many women
because i fought for the rights to be treated equal to the person of the opposite gender.
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