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Does listening to music while you study affect your ability to memorize?

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Arlene Lopez

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Does listening to music while you study affect your ability to memorize?

Does listening to music while you study affect your ability to memorize? STill Processing Procedures The scientist’s hypothesis is that while listening to music does affect your ability to memorize. The scientist also believes that hip-hop while help you memorize better than other not listening to music. Brainstorming Results Hypothesis Purpose: Materials: The scientist’s purpose is to observe if listening to music while you study affects your ability to memorize facts and what type of music helps us better to memorize. • At least 9 or 10 test subjects

• Pen(2)

• a notebook (2)

• a paper full of pictures to memorize

• radio

• 5 type of different music


•a subdue place

•first aid kit

The scientist will gather all the material.

2. Then test the test subjects on the pictures to memorize.

3. As this experiment is processing, the scientist will be taking pictures.

4. The pictures will be in different colors and shaped and the test subjects will have to see the picture and memorize them in order since the pictures are in a group.

5. As the test is being taken, the test subjects will use a table for their notebook because in that notebook, they will have to write down the pictures in order and later I will see what they managed to memorize with the music and write it down in my own notebook.

6. Also the test will be taken in a subdued place for the test subjects can concentrate on their surroundings and can hear the music clearly.

7. The scientist should be observing the reactions of the test subject like behavior, studies and how are affected to the music.

8. As the test subjects are memorizing the order of the pictures, they will be listening to five different types of music.

9. For each song, the test subject will not repeat the same pictures for the songs but there will be five different groups of pictures for the five types of music.

10. Then gather all the results and see what type of music affected us and which help us to memorize.
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