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How to be a tumblr girl

No description

Mari ake sn0wflaqes

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of How to be a tumblr girl

How to be a tumblr girl
Your account
Your profile page is the first look on your account ! You should have a cute and great username, a quality profile pic and a nice bio. For your bio, use some emojis or symbols so it won't get boring. Don't introduce yourself too much. You can put a cute quote or just some basic information about yourself and your account.
You should have some great camera. My favorite one is the Canon eos rebel t3 but a cheap one is okay too. Don't use your phone camera.
Your photos should be nice, don't post anything just for posting. Don't act "slut". Show yourself and all what's around you to your followers. Don't forget to caption something nice or funny, talk about your life but don't be drama queen. Show the best parts of yourself. Depressive time ? Don't post please.
Don't post too many shoutouts. Two-three a day, you erase them and that's all. Followers get easily mad of that.
The pictures
Be active with your followers, answer to their questions. You can create an ask.fm or kik account to interact with them. Also, follow other tumblr girls, like and comment their pics so they notice you ! Don't ask too much for shoutouts. Be patient, post daily and be original.
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