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Andrea Treviño

on 21 March 2014

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How we can prevent green house gases?
-Use less heat and air conditioner
-Replace your light bulbs
-Plant a tree
-Use less hot water
-Use the OFF switch
-Buy energy-efficient products
What is a greenhouse effect and what is it purpose?
The greenhouse effect is a process in which the earth keeps the thermal radiation and then it make greenhouse gases that go in all directions.
How is greenhouse effect affecting life on Earth?
Well greenhouse effect affect us greenhouse us because the green house gasses make little hole on our ozone layer and this make the heat don´t escape and when solar rays come and goes in all directions but it´s also good because without it we could be in an ice age.

Math Section
The role winds play in weather
patterns in the USA
This pattern can bring extremely stormy weather to the USA and is also commonly associated with Arctic outbreaks and heat waves.

In winter when the polar jet dips into the US, the troughs and ridges affect what kind of weather an area will have.  comparison of the strength and position of the polar jet in summer versus winter.  If a trough is sitting over you, it is generally very cold and snowy or rainy. 

The position of the polar jet
stream changes
betweensummer and winter
The least and the most changed in the
last year
Winter is the most pronounced and summer is the
least pronounced.
Winter have 3 months December, January and February.

In the last years the Earth is getting

Can be used to detect seasonality:
A run sequence plot will often show seasonality
A seasonal subseries plot is a specialized technique for showing seasonality
Multiple box plots can be used as an alternative to the seasonal subseries plot to detect seasonality
The autocorrelation plot can help identify seasonality
Seasonal Index measures how much the average for a particular period tends to be above (or below) the expected value.

Seasonal differences
 Today, the average temperature of Earth according to NASA figures is 15°C.Before, the average global annual temperature.
Temperature of the green house effect? (now & before)
The proportion of the incident light or radiation that is reflected by a surface, typically that of a planet or moon.

Life Science
Green house effect, earth cycle and food web
In this image we see a normal food chain but the green house effect can affect the food web because this can cause some animal extinction which make the entire food web change and even in some cases destroy it and earth cycle can also affect food web because the earth cycles can change climate or can be create natural disasters which also
affect food web.34

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