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8th Grade 9/12/2014

No description

Susan Stamm

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of 8th Grade 9/12/2014

8th Grade 9/12/2014
Do Now

Write one of your vocabulary words correctly in a sentence.
Vocabulary Their Way
Lesson 1 - Test

Clear everything off your desk expect for a pencil / pen.
Conflicting View Points

Video from Yesterday.

One person would think the man was trying to rob someone while another calls him a hero for saving the man.
Read an article about cell phones in or out of schools....
We will determine strong points from both sides and also think of other ideas we have.

Cell Phones in schools....
Write for 5 minutes... should cell phones be allowed in schools? Yes or no? why?

Use opinions and also back them up with reasons. Use information from the article.

Choose a topic to write about....
Choose a view point: man as a villian or a hero. Write from one of those views. Describe what you saw from your view point.

Ex) I saw...
The man....

Write for 5 minutes
What does it mean to debate?
start school earlier / later

add a sports team or club

-add reasons and details.
- write for 15 minutes.

Edit writing...
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