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Holographic Storage

No description

Batoul Burghleh

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Holographic Storage

Holographic storage What is holographic storage? It’s a potential replacement technology in the area of high capacity data storage. It provides more space to store data
in smaller place than HD or optical disks. Mechanism It creates a hologram of data;
a true 3D record of the original data. 1- Recording data: 2- Reading data: Advantages 1- The transfer rate of HS is very fast. 2- More space is available to store large amount of info
throughout the whole volume of the medium. 3- This 3D aspect used in it decreases the bit rare errors. When will it be available to use? This technology is still under progress and no one has yet
mass-commercialized this technology, but many vendors are working on it. How??
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