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maniac magee: connections/resource manager

No description

denita avdija

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of maniac magee: connections/resource manager

Maniac Magee Connections/Resource Manager
Text to Text:
Text to Self:
Text to World:
As an conclusion I would have to say that this story, Maniac Magee, can be connected to many kids that have no home and don't have any parents to co-parent them like Jeffrey.
Maniac Magee: Connections/Resource Manager

My job is to make sure all the work is completed and finished. Also I have to make sure that I get finished connecting Maniac Magee with text to text,text to self, and text to world.
I decided to connect maniac Magee to James and the Giant Peach. James and Jeffrey have many things in common. Such as, James and Jeffreys parents died from an car accident and they are both orphans. After their parents death,James had to live with his two aunts,spider and sponge. The same happened to Jeffrey, but Jeffrey had to live with his aunt and uncle,aunt Dot and uncle Dan. Both of the boys went threw ups and downs but still handle with many things coming their way.
This story Maniac Magee connects most likely with my friend Jessie. My friend and Maniac have many things in common. One thing they definitely have in common is that their both orphans. It was very interesting listening to my friends story growing up as an kid. Also another thing they have in common is that they both are treated differently from people that aren't orphans.Maniac and my friend are really most likely bullied in a way. Now as my friend,Jessie and Mania got older they faced their fears and didn't let anyone treat them in such an bad way.
This story Maniac Magee connects to homeless people. Most people that are homeless are orphans such as Jeffrey is.There are many people that are like Jeffrey and have good and bad times.Homeless people are poor and don't really have an home. Jeffrey didn't really have a home and that's why Jeffrey never went to school,(because he wouldn't have a home to go to).There are many people that are very like Jeffrey and have to deal with struggles growing up as an kid.
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