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Dilan Courtois and Makyla Mcbride

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Dilan Courtois and Makyla Mcbride

Dilan Courtois :) and Makyla Mcbride:D
Barriers broken by athletes
Some athletes have broken barriers that are life or career-threatening. Simon Keith had open-heart surgery and a heart transplant. Wilma Rudolph overcame Polio but died of brain cancer. Tom Dempsey had no toes on his right foot and loved hitting people. Michael Oher's father was
frequently in prison and was then murdered when Michael was in high school His mother did crack cocaine and he was a foster child and was homeless very frequently. James Owens competed with Hitler's boasts of Aryan supremacy. Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a tiger shark and lost over 60% of her blood but still surfs today.
Simon Keith
Simon Keith suffered from viral myocarditis, which
forced him to have a heart transplant. I think he would have died if he didn't have the transplant. In the passage, it says "That's it. Your heart is too damaged. You need a transplant or you're dead." and "he would be nearer death."
Wilma Rudolph
Wilma Rudolph faced a challenge that would be hard for other people. She developed pneumonia and polio as a child. In the passage, it says "She developed pneumonia and polio as a child, rendering her disabled for most of her childhood." and "For several years, her mother, brother, or sister had to massage her legs four times a day, and then she had to wear a metal brace for several years." and Wilma didn't start school ( at all black Cobb High School) until she was eight."
I think that sports are fun. In the passage, it says
"Sport-like play is usually enjoyable, and done for it's own sake." and "Activity increases the brain's level of chemicals called endorphins, which boost mood." and "When we start moving and have fun, we feel good about ourselves."
Simon Keith & Wilma Rudolph
Simon Keith and Wilma Rudolph both overcame tremendous bodily challenges such as Viral Myocarditis, a heart transplant, Polio, and severe, long-lasting Pneumonia. Both had some of these severe diseases and competed in running sports (Soccer: Simon Track: Wilma)
Simon Keith
Had Viral Myocarditis
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