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Copy of The Importance of Inclusivity

Why diversity matters in the United Methodist Church

Erin Kane

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Importance of Inclusivity

Who is missing?

-Erin Kane, Director - Monitoring and Research Improving your Committee: What does it mean to be inclusive? It means that Diversity is not to be 'tolerated' but sought, affirmed, and developed as a benefit to the whole group. It is not about 'political correctness' but about justice and the Reign of God. What is diversity and what does it look like? Diversity means that a broad range of backgrounds and interests, languages, ethnicities, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, ages, socio-economic statuses, abilities, races, and church positions are represented.

Does your committee reflect the membership of your conference at the least and what is it doing to bring in more diverse voices and ways of doing?

It should be done so that the parish can experience the Kin-dom of God and reap the blessings of better decisions, calmer and wiser deliberation, and a binding respect for the power of our diverse cultures, languages, perspectives and experiences. Remember: "These other [cultures] are not failed attempts to be us; they are unique manifestations of the spirit--other options, other visions of life itself." --Wade Davis, ethnographer, author, photographer, filmmaker Other institutions working toward inclusion:
Health Care What happens when we are not inclusive? "Awareness but inaction" We lose
Reputation We gain
Hypocrisy Matthew 7:5 How do we become more inclusive? 1) Unite in the decision to be more inclusive
2) Know why you are doing it
3)Self-Monitor:who are you missing & why?
4) Express your commitment
5) Take action
6) <5b> Attract new members
7) Keep members happy We risk
a rut
a zombie state
rigid routine
automatic reaction
critical thinking
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