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Mini Lecture 2: Wharton

No description

Anna Green

on 9 July 2016

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Transcript of Mini Lecture 2: Wharton

Mini Lecture Outline
Part 1: Who was Edith Wharton?
Part 2: While You're Reading: Ideas to track
Part 3: Course Themes: How does this text fit in?
Weekly checklist
Part 2: While You're Reading
How does Wharton describe cultural differents? Think about how she uses superficial anecdotes.
Think about th way the text is organized; look t the chapter titles.; they aren't necessarily the titles you might expect for a survey of French culture. Why has Wharton done this? What do these suggest about her priorities as a writer?
In what ways is this travel narrative actually about art? How can you tell?
Part 3: Course Themes
Points to the ways that subtle mannerisms convey much deeper cultural meanings.
Wharton's text is extremely interested in what produces a distinctly French intellectual and artistic culture and how it's different from America.
Wharton also interested in gender; as a divorced woman who expressed resentment at restrictive Victorian social norms, she gravitates towards the freedom she sees in France. [Gender]
Weekly Checklist
Watch: Mini Lecture 2 (note that you should always watch Mini Lectures at the start of your reading, before your group meeting and before completing your writing prompt).
Finish Wharton's The French Ways and Their Meanings BEFORE group meeting.
Group leaders ONLY: Post discussion agenda to Slack channel 24 hours before meeting time.
Group members: Read agenda and prepare for discussion
Hold hour-long, Slack discussion at appointed time.
Weekly writing prompt 2.
Group members: submit evaluations of your group leader.
Group leaders ONLY: submit self and peer evaluations.

Part 1: Edith Wharton
Mini Lecture 2: Edith Wharton's Travel Writing
ENG 232, Week 2
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