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Guardians of the Galaxy; A Hero's Journey

No description

Diana Smith

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Guardians of the Galaxy; A Hero's Journey

The Ordinary World
The Call to Adventure
Peter’s mother dies and leaves him a gift, which he doesn't open. Peter is then abducted by The Ravagers, a group of vicious space pirates. They raise him into an adult.
Refusal of Call
Peter grows resentful and begins to hate the Ravagers. He plans to betray them by stealing an powerful artifact from them.
Meeting With the Mentor
Guardians of the Galaxy: A Hero's Journey
Crossing the Threshold
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
Peter becomes familiar with his new allies, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and, Groot. He also learns of an evil and vengeful villain named Ronan who wants to use the orb to destroy the world.
The Approach
With the help of his new comrades, Peter breaks out of prison and heads for Knowhere, an infamous criminal training post.
The Ordeal
Wanting revenge on Ronan for killing his family, Drax secretly summons him to Nowhere. Meanwhile Peter goes to meets with ‘The Collector’, who tells him just how powerful the orb is.
The Reward
Peter is about to sell the orb, but the Collector’s abused assistant unleashes it’s power on him to get her revenge. As Peter and the other’s escape the explosion, Ronan and his army show up and begin attacking. They steal the orb.
The Road Back
Discouraged and hopeless, Peter and his friends are captured by the Ravagers. Peter convinces them to work with him, while secretly planning a double cross. Ronan harnesses the power of the orb and heads to the planet Xander, to destroy it.

The Resurrection
Peter and the Ravagers team up with Xander’s protectors, the Nova Corps, to fight Ronan. In the resulting battle Groot and a large number of Nova Corps pilots are killed. Peter, Gamora, Rocket and Drax harness the orb’s power together (keeping it from killing them) and use it to destroy Ronan.
Return With the Elixir
Peter recovers the stone, giving it to Nova for safe keeping. In return Nova grants him a new ship and a clean criminal record for him and his friends. Peter also finally opens the gift his mother gave him all the years ago. He and his friends set off on a new adventure.
Peter is attacked by a villain's henchman and two bounty hunters. They are all arrested and taken to a prison called the Klyn. There they meet Drax the Destroyer.
Peter Quill is a young kid with a sick mother and an absentee father. He gets into school and often listens to a playlist his mother made him.
Peter attempts to sell the orb (artifact) to a Xandarian merchant called The Broker. The Broker refuses to take it and warns Peter of it’s dangerous powers and of an imminent threat.
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