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University Research Seminar Presentation

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Emilie LoGiudice

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of University Research Seminar Presentation

The Weakness in Silence: An Understanding of the Treatment of Women Worldwide Key Terms Girls Not Brides: The Statistic is 1 and 3 Different Types of Cultural Violence Human Trafficking Violence Through Culture Human Trafficking Basics Child Marriage Leads to Maternal Mortality Top 10 Countries With Child Marriage Tier System According to Michael Kaufman, the key to ending violence against women is the redefinition of masculinity. Human Trafficking: The act of recruiting, harboring, transporting, or obtaining a person for labor through the use of force or coercion Bonded Labor/Debt Bondage: One way used to keep humans in forced labor. A system of constant debt where the trafficked person is never able to make a profit and escape. Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 2 Watchlist
Tier 3 True Stories United States Turkey fKatia * Met Vlad visiting a friend *Wanted to open a store in Turkey *Drugged and Sold to Angela in Istanbul *Resold to Ago *Constantly kept without food, water, constantly drugged *Forced to lie to husband, beaten, raped Tier 1 Tier 2 Victims trafficked into the US can be T-status or U-status 5000 Visas put aside, 1000 applicants Largest percentage from Southeast Asia, then Eastern Europe, rest Latin America Suminarti Yusuf- California's Trafficking Vicitms' Protection Act Act passed 2005
Gives relief to victims
Human Trafficking=FelonyAc Domestic Servitude Threatened with rape and beatings if escaped "...this is a fundamental civil right, the right to be free," Judge Wiley Proposition 35
Just passed in November
Makes Sex Traffickers Sex Offenders: longer jail sentence Treated as organized crime Sexual exploitation punishable Migrant Smuggling If foreign, trafficked person is deported Gender Based Violence acts of violence performed specifically due to certain gender, most often pertaining to women; "compromises the health, diginity, security, and autonomy of its victims" (UNFPA) Feminism Female Genital Mutilation Honor Killings Rape as a Weapon of War Stoning Clitoridectomy Excision Infibulation Other Why? Mufti of Al-Azhaf University publicly claimed that FGM is not supported by Islam. "According to governmental statistics (in Turkey) at least 200 die in the name of honor each year, this number constitutes half of all murders in Turkey, In Istanbul alone, at least one person dies of honor killing weekly" The most brutal form of the death penalty Men Women Stone cannot be large enough to kill nor too small to inflict no pain Buried to waist Buried to breasts Accused of adultery, sentenced to pray 4 witness rule Insinuate Adultery Islamic Republic of Iran and in Afghanastan, nowhere is there a law that allows stoning. Undocumented Blasphemy 1 in 2 South African Women Survice Rape n. The policy, practice, or advocacy of political, economic, and social equality for women
The belief that women deserve Human Rights Niger
Central African Republic Mali
Ethiopia A Child is born into an underdeveloped country A young girl becomes pregnant There are two outcomes A Child is Forced into Sexual Activity Virginity is considered sacred The child has to give birth *Girls are married very young because they are pure virgins *Because this is engrained in culture, there are no laws which protect the young girls like there are in the US *Child brides are still expected to consent to sexual activity. There are often no laws providing an age of consent

*Young girls contract sexually transmitted diseases and/or get pregnant *Often girls become pregnant before their bodies are prepared

*Major complications can occur over the nine months a girl-child carries a baby because of her undeveloped body

*The girl-child will not recieve proper prenatal care *In developing countries, hospitals are few, doctors fewer, and supplies fewest. Most women birth at home with a midwife

*A child does not have the proper pelvic structure to birth, however there is not enough medical aid to perform c-sections

*There are no sanitary precautions taken 1) The mother and child both die
2) Mother and child survive and the girl-child loses her childhood. In this situation, the girl-child will most likely become pregnant again quickly. Maternal Mortality *Approximately 290,000 women die yearly from complications in pregnancy
*99% of these deaths occur in developing countries Main Causes for Maternal Mortality Severe Bleeding: With no medical technology, many women die from blood loss after childbirth Infections: occur because sanitary precautions such as washing hands and tools are not performed Pre-enclampsia/enclampsia: High blood pressure during pregnancy. Women are unaware of what this is and so do not care for it Unsafe Abortions: occur because abortion is illegal in many countries. Illegal attempts at abortion are very dangerous and most often result in the death of the mother Now Go Make a Change! It's up to you to make a difference in these women's lives!
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