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Year 11 parents prezi

No description

Azat Sultanov

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Year 11 parents prezi

An introduction for parents
Cambridge programmes and qualifications
The world’s largest provider of international education curriculum and qualifications for 5 to 19 year olds

Over 9000 Cambridge schools in more than 160 countries

Part of the University of Cambridge and a not-for-profit organisation
Cambridge Primary 5-11 years
Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
Cambridge ICT Starters
Cambridge Checkpoint
Cambridge ICT Starters
Cambridge Secondary 1
Year 7-9
Cambridge IGCSE®
Cambridge Secondary 2
Year 10-11
Cambridge International
AS and A Level
Cambridge Advanced
Year 12-13
You can build a curriculum around the core subject groups of Mathematics, Science and English or you can achieve Group Awards of Cambridge ICE (International Certificate of Education)
Choosing your
University recognition
Universities worldwide require a combination of Cambridge International A Levels and Cambridge IGCSEs upon application
Group awards Cambridge ICE
Group 1 - Languages
Subjects we offer atAIS
English as a Second Language (0511)
Group 2 - Humanities
Geography (0460)
History (0470)
English Literature (0486)
Group 3 - Sciences
Biology (0610)
Chemistry (0620)
Physics (0625)
Group - 4 Mathematics
Cambridge International Mathematics (0607)
Group - 5 Creative and Vocational
Art and Design (0400)
Music (0410)
ICT (0417)
Cambridge ICE is a group award for Cambridge IGCSE for learners who pass examinations in at least six subjects, including two languages, and one subject from each of the other subject groups: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Mathematics, and Creative, Technical and Vocational
You should consider ICE if you are not going to receive any other certificates of secondary education from your home country
... small

IGCSE grades
A* - min 90 %
A - min 80 %
B - min 70 %
C - min 60 %
D - min 50 %
E - min 40 %
F - min 30 %
G - min 20 %
U - unmarked
Marks range for
Marks range for
Passing grade for the exam. If you choose Core it's easier to get a PASS. The threshold is lower.
Minimum grade for the ICE certificate. You will get your ICE certificate if you get min G in six subjects from 5 groups. But it's important to get C at least in Maths and English because Universities might require it.
When taking IGCSE you can choose between Core and Extended papers. What's the difference?
What's the difference between AS and A level?
A level
is a 2-year course 1st year of which is called AS level
AS gives you 1 credit and A level gives you 2 credits
Usually you need 6 credits for University application
If you are planning to stay for Year 12 and 13 you should choose 4 AS subjects to study in Year 12
Focus on 3 for the A level in Year 13
Why are we here today?
To give you a clear picture about Cambridge qualifications

To help you make the right choices
the subjects your child will take at IGCSE level in May/June
Whether your child needs an ICE (International Certificate of Education)
Whether your child will stay at AIS to do
A levels
What are my next steps?
Fill out the Exam Entry Form and submit it to the secretary by Wednesday, January 30th
Discuss with your child and their teachers the subjects your child is going to do at A level next year
And finally ...
By now you should have a picture of what subjects you are going to do at
A levels
. In those subjects you should get above
grade C
in IGCSE so that you succeed in A levels
What is Cambridge?
The sooner you decide on the country and schools you would like to study in the more we can tailor your course selections
Thank you for your time and feel free to ask me anything now or contact me or your child's teachers later should you have any questions
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