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The Role of the Negotiator's Personality in the Success of t

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Fruzsina Dobos

on 22 June 2018

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Transcript of The Role of the Negotiator's Personality in the Success of t

Table of content
Introduction into Negotiation
Typical Structure
Role of Mood and Personality
Personality Traits of the Negotiators
Useful Advices
General Strategies
Gender Differences
Introduction into Negotiation
Differing needs, wants, aims and beliefs
Problem-Solving process
Two or more people
Compromise or agreement
Avoiding argument
Best possible outcome
Wide range of activities
Typical Structure



Innate personality
Ability to negotiate is given at a certain level
One's skills can be improved
Different methods and strategies can be determining
Women and men has different strengths and weaknesses
The Role of the Negotiator's Personality in the Success of the Negotiations
Personality Traits of Top Negotiators
Sense of humor

Useful Advices
Try to be yourself
Be sincere rather than serious
Be smartly dressed
Trust the other party
Be professional in your approach
Enhance your listening skills
Be a little tactful and diplomatic
General Strategies
1. Adapt your personality to the situation
2. Adapt the situation to your personality
3. Run the numbers
Gender Differences
Interpersonal relationships
Good listeners
Use methods
Tend to avoid conflict
Set lower targets
More passive
Thank you for your attention!
Seeking for more power
Take more risks
Strong, aggressive speakers
Role of Mood and Personality
1. What is the purpose of negotiations?
2. At least how many people are required for a negotiation?
3. How many steps does the negotiation process have?
4. What are these steps?
5. What is the role of mood in negotiation?
6. List at least 5 personal traits of a good negotiator!
7. Give the most useful advice in your opinion!
8. Is money more important to men/women?
9. Who take more risks on the basis of gender?
10. Who are the better listeners?
11. Who are more aggressive speakers?
Positive mood better outcomes
Optimistic people tend to trust the other party more
One can also benefit from making the other party happy
Personality determines negotiation skills
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Fruzsina Dobos
Diána Tóth
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