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The St. Lois Gateway Arch

No description

malcolm tucker

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of The St. Lois Gateway Arch

Inside the Arch
Yes you can actually go inside the arch!There are trams in the sides of the bases! When you get to the top there is a sidewalk with widows on each side!
How it Was Built
They started from the base of the legs and kept adding on. Like this!Construction started February 12,1963
and ended October 28,1965
How much did it cost
The Arch itself cost $13,420,168 in labor and materials, but Architects had to pay $1,977,750 more for transportation and shipping.
What is The St. Louis Gateway Arch
The Gateway Arch was made as a monument to Thomas Jefferson who bought the Louisiana territory and made western expansion possible! That is why you can hear it be referred to as the
Jefferson National expansion memorial!
It's made completely out of steel and concrete.

The Architect
I'm sure we all are wondering who built this amazing structure, right? Well here he is, the one and only Eero Saarinen!
The St. Louis Gateway Arch
This is
a picture taken from inside the arch.
He won a national competition and a reward for designing the memorial in 1947!
They chose to build it at a great location:the East windows overlook Mississippi River!
The Saint Louis Gateway Arch displays an incredibly elegant architectural shape!
The Gateway arch is the tallest man made monument in the united states.It is 60 feat taller than than the next largest, the San Jacinto Monument
On a clear day people can see 30 miles out of the windows at the top
It weighs 43,000 tons
The trams run 340 feet per minute and it takes 4 minutes to get to the top
Each window measures 7 by 27 inches
The Gateway Arch Today
This was the cover of a New Yorker magazine that came out just last week. This picture symbolizes a very real argument using my structure as a symbol. This shows that my structure is still thought of today.
And this is to give you a visual of the arch and some of the memorial grounds around it!
This is just some of the
memorial. there is
much more to see for yourself!
I chose this structure because one of my favorite book series is Percy Jacson and my structure is featured in the very first book.
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