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Definitions, definitions, definitions...

Mariles Matias

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Ideologies

ideologies capitalism means of production, distribution, and exchange are privately or corporately owned development is in proportion to the growth and re-investment of profits made in a free market operation and management of property, goods, and services exist within competitive conditions: "survival of the fittest"; "dog eat dog" government enables private enterprise to flourish through minimal intervention and pro-business policies and incentives socialism Marxist theory: the first stage in the transition from capitalism to communism the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state. emphasis on production for USE not for profit
importance of equality of individual wealth government has a strong hand in regulating economic activity government determines investment, prices, and production levels communism means of production, distribution, and exchange is wholly controlled by the state a product of armed struggle needs of the individual are subsumed in the interest of the state: "all for one and one for all" the notion of private ownership is non-existent there is no competitive market, only state agencies and collectives
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