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Annabelle Torres

on 11 July 2014

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- Talks about the causes of why the Filipinos became lazy in the Spanish colonization period
- Though Rizal stated some reasons why the Filipinos became lazy, he saw it as something that was not to be blamed on the Filipinos but it was something that the Spaniards had caused

Chapter 1
- In this chapter, Rizal admitted that the Filipinos were indeed indolent
- He said that it was not because of the attributes of the country but rather because of what the country has experienced
- Rizal said “One must study the causes of indolence before curing it”
- Rizal then points out some causes of indolence
o Hot climate – one hour of work under the Filipino sun = 1 day of work in the temperate regions, like Europe

Chapter 2
- Rizal said “An illness will worsen if the wrong treatment is given”
- Even before the Spaniards arrived, the early Filipinos were participating in trades with provinces and other neighboring countries
- Early Filipinos also did some agriculture and mining
- Filipinos are by nature indolent
- Rizal ends the chapter by asking what caused the Filipinos to forget that they are indolent

Chapter 3
- Wars, insurrections, and invasions are some of what Rizal has enumerated as causes of the Filipino’s cultural and economic decadence
- They have brought disorder to the communities
- In fact, many Filipinos have been brought against their will to fight wars for Spain or for expeditions
- The Filipinos’ population has decreased in number
- Thus forced labor was started, Filipinos were sent to shipyards to build vessels

- Natives who had enough of the endless abuse have moved to the mountains, and because of this, the farms have been neglected
Chapter 4
- Filipinos are not responsible for their misfortunes, Rizal stated, as they are not their own masters
- The Spaniards did not encourage the Filipinos to do trade which caused the neighboring trade partners of the Philippines to be suspicious of what is becoming of the country
- Before the church announced that the rich will not go to heaven so that the Filipinos will not work as hard

- The Spaniards did not educate the natives, discrimination was a major factor, this caused deterioration of values among the Filipinos
Chapter 5
- All causes of indolence were drawn to two major factors:
o 1st factor: limited training and education
 Filipinos were inferior in everything the Spaniards imposed, thus lead to being used to being inferior
o 2nd factor: lack of national sentiment of unity
 Because Filipinos were used to the fact that they are inferior, they tend to imitate the foreign practices and culture

By Dr. Jose Rizal
The solution?

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