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Ahmed Hussein

on 24 August 2016

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Unit 1 - Lesson 2 part 2
Solid States
Matter and Molecules
The molecules of one substance are alike in properties, but they differ than other substance molecules.
Element and Compound
A substance which its molecule is consisted only of one kind of atoms,
whatever its number is known as an
But a substance which its molecule is consisted of different atoms is
known as a

: is the simplest pure form of a substance, we couldn’t
decompose it chemically into a simpler substance.

: is the product of a combination of two or more different
elements with constant weight ratios
Thank you
Mr.Ahmed Elbahsa
Mr.Ahmed Elbasha
When a solid substance is heated, molecules gain thermal energy which increases the intermolecular spaces and causes a weakness of the intermolecular forces among its molecules, then become
more freely to change into a liquid, this process is known as
By continuous heating to the liquid substance, its molecules gain more
energy increasing the speed of its motion, moving in large distances and more freely to change into a gaseous state, that spread
in all places or the container and this process is known as vaporization.
The difference in molecules of various substances is found as a result
of the difference in molecular structures.
The molecules are composed of tiny structural units, each of them is
known as the atom, and the reason which causes molecules of certain
substance differ than molecules of another substance: is the number
and the kind of atoms involved in the structure of the molecule and the
way they combine together.
• The molecule:
is the smallest part in matter that can exist freely having the properties of substance.

• The element:
is the simplest pure form of matter and can not be
analyzed into simpler form.

• The compound:
is the result of combination between two or more
atoms of different elements with constant ratio of masse.

Molecules properties
Having intermolecular forces
Having intermolecular spaces
In a continuous motion
Matter Construction
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