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Virtual Field Trips

This presentaton will explore Virtual Field Trips as a solution to the current moratorium on field trips.

Justin Keith

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Virtual Field Trips

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS? Due to the current limitations many school systems have on field trips in Georgia, the Effingham County School District has test piloted offering interactive virtual field trips in order to give students and teachers the feel and benefit of taking a field trip, but without the headache of permission slips, buses, and bag lunches. REASONING There are two main types of virtual field trips.

The original virtual field trip is a guided internet based field trip through websites and videos that aim to provide information about places and subjects that they are unable to visit as a class.

Interactive Virtual Field trips combine video conferencing and distance learning technology in order to allow educators and students to connect in real time via the internet. This type of field trip allows for an outside presenter to interact with the students and teacher and can appear dramatically different than every day instruction. What is a Virtual Field Trip? Virtual Field Trips There are several different places that offer virtual field trips such as:

Colleges and Universities
State and National Parks
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
Guest Speakers
And virtually anything else you can think of
...and probobly some you can't. What Type of Virtual Field Trips are available? 1. Camera
2. Microphone
3. Speaker
4. Display Solution
(Television, Monitor, LCD projector)
5. Internet Connection
ISDN, IP, Internet 2, AVS (Vision Athena)
6. Control Unit
Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, etc...

*. Webcams can be used, but there are limitations What type of Equipment Do you Need? Like anything else, there are various qualities of equipment and various prices.

Yes, Webcams and Skype can be used very cheaply, but there are limitations of quality and the number of presenters that are willing to present via Skype. However, Skype in the classroom and Skype for Educators are a good way to get started with this type of thing.

Effingham County started off with a Tandberg System for the 2011-2012 school year that ended up costing around $6,500. Many NASA sites commented on the high quality of our connection. COST This year, we purchased 3 LifeSize systems that cost approximately $5,500 each. We are making the change because prices have gone up on the Tandberg equipment and because LifeSize allows for the use of Skype through their system. There are services and sites that collate VFTs into one place so that you can search them.

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) http://www.cilc.org

Polycom VC Content Providers
http://www.vccontentproviders.org/ WHERE DO I FIND VFTs? We are NOT trying to sell you anything. We are NOT experts. We are simply sharing something that has worked for us in Effingham County because we think others may benefit from it as well. Cost Estimation for Traditional Field trip to Kennedy Space Center

Bus Fee: $100
Bus Driver: $100
Mileage/Gas: $488
Student Admission: $21 ea. /75 Students $1,575 (+tax)
Teacher and Chaperone Admission: $45 (+tax)
Substitute Teacher for the Day: $75
Sack Lunches for Students: $2 ea./$150
Total: $2,662.60

Cost for not having to worry about planning, fundraising, permission slips, sack lunches, lost students, questions from parents, bus drivers getting lost, questionable chaperones, and aspirin for your headaches….Priceless!

And if you had to stay overnight in a hotel, you can count on at least $25/person for an additional total lodging cost of $2,000. Not to mention another $500 for an extra days worth of fees for the bus, bus driver, substitute and extra food for the students. That would bring you into the ball park of $5,200 for a single trip! We are still tweaking this, but here is what we know.

One person should not be responsible for scheduling all field trips.

Once upon a time, teachers scheduled their own field trips and there is no reason they shouldn't have a hand in scheduling a Virtual Field Trip.

website scheduling or a Google docs page for sign up/registering to use equipment is crucial.

While one person is responsible for the roaming VFT equipment we have right now, the permanent sites are set up in a way that are tamper resistant. How do you monitor equipment usage and scheduling? Justin Keith

Gregg Miles

Instructional Technology Specialists

Effingham County Board of Education
Technology Department - Marlow Learning Center
405 North Ash Street
Springfield, GA 31329

Phone: 912-754-6491 ext. 2427 / 2425
Fax: 912-754-2510 Contact Information Tandberg gives away 2 sets of equipment each month and you can register on their website.

LifeSize gives away a free field trip each month and you can register on their website.

Lifesize also has grants available for implementing their equipment. The details are on their website. CILC:




Video Conference Store:
http://www.videoconferencestore.com Virtual Field Trip Websites of Interest TECH SUPPORT!
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