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English I Ethos,Pathos, Logos Intro and analysis Assignment

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Melissa Arnold

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of English I Ethos,Pathos, Logos Intro and analysis Assignment

The Rhetorical Appeals Ethos, Pathos, Logos Warm-up Activity You have been assigned to a group of three to complete this next activity. On your table is a bag with three pieces of paper inside. Each person will pull out a slip of paper. You are responsible for learning everything you can about and becoming an expert on this term for the next ten mins. At the end of ten mins you will teach the other members of your group everything you know about your term, making them experts too. Utilize google to help you learn about your assigned term. Ethos: Appeal to Author's credibility and trustworthiness

Ways to Develop ETHOS

• Author’s profession / background
• Author’s publication
• Appearing sincere, fair minded,
• Conceding to opposition where
• Morally / ethically likeable
• Appropriate language for audience
and subject
• Appropriate vocabulary
• Correct grammar
• Professional format

Effect on Audience

Helps reader to see the author as reliable,
trustworthy, competent, and credible. The reader might respect the author or
his/her views.

Ways to develop Pathos:

•Emotionally loaded
•Vivid descriptions
•Emotional examples
•Anecdotes, testimonies,
or narratives about emotional
experiences or events
•Figurative language
•Emotional tone (humor,
sarcasm, disappointment,
excitement, etc.)

Pathos: Appeal to Audience's Emotions

Effect on Audience

Evokes an emotional response. Persuasion by emotion.
(usually evoking fear, sympathy, empathy, anger)

Ways to develop logos

•Theories / scientific facts
•Indicated meanings or reasons (because…)
•Literal or historical analogies
•Factual data & statistics
•Citations from experts & authorities
•Informed opinions
•Examples (real life examples)
•Personal anecdotes

Logos: Appeal to Logic/Reasoning Effect on Audience

Evokes a cognitive, rational response.
Readers get a sense of, “Oh, that
makes sense” or “Hmm, that really
doesn’t prove anything.” Today's Assignment: On your desk you have several different advertisements. For five different advertisements you will identify strategies that develop your assigned term (Ethos, Pathos, or Logos.) You will also determine the effect each appeal has on the intended audience. You will present these to your small group towards the end of class. Tuesday: Analyzing Arguments (advertisement) Whole Class Analysis: Together we will watch two short commercial clips. As we are watching them please write down the strategies you see that help to develop Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. You should also be able to explain why the creator of the ad decided to use these strategies. What is the intended effect? Dodge Ram Super Bowl 2013 Class Discussion Time
1. Purpose of Commercial
2. How is the purpose achieved (ethos, pathos, logos) SPCA Commercial Your Assignment:
Find a commercial or commercials that develop Ethos, Pathos, and logos. If you find a commercial that only has Pathos, you will need to provide a commercial that develops the other appeals. So essentially you might have three different commercials.
Insert the commercial(s) into a prezi. Following the commercial, analyze the purpose of the commercial, explain how ethos, pathos, and logos is created and for each appeal explain the intended effect.
Today and Tomorrow are workdays. We will present these to class towards the end of class tomorrow.
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