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Project Acirema

Colonial project for Mrs. Kerr. Made by Lauren, Haley, Iesha, Cole, and Deep.

Deep Patel

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Project Acirema

Project Acirema Made by Lauren, Haley, Cole, Iesha, and Deep Project Acirema: Founding History In the middle of the 31st century, the apocalyptic era arrived on Earth... It all began due to the collapsing economy. America fell first, China soon after, and eventually, the rest of the countries, like a stack of dominoes. Then the Nuclear War happened, and bloodshed, famine, and death spread across the world. Almost 90% of humanity was wiped out during the war. The once glorious Earth was reduced to little more than ruins, the remaining people scratching out a living as scavengers. Project Acirema: Founding History 2 In hope of preserving humanity, the world's 5 greatest minds gathered, planning a way to save all of mankind. Their plan was codenamed: Project Acirema. Project Acirema: Details Just before the war started, Haley Fulcher, one of the world's best astrologers, discovered another planet, named planet 3850. As soon as the war ended, the founders of Project Acirema realized that planet 3850 was almost exactly like earth, and able to sustain human life. <-- Andromeda Galaxy, where planet 3850 is located Deciding to found a new colony in planet 3850, Deep Patel, space travel expert, set to work building the very first craft capable transporting humans across the galaxy. Meanwhile, the other 4 founders gathered neccesary supplies, people, and information. Project Acirema: Founders There were 5 people who started Project Acirema. First was Haley Fulcher, amazing astronomer, mapmaker, and navigations expert. She was was the one who discovered planet 3950. After her, Deep Patel joined. He is the inventor of the time machine, and the creator of the first ever spacecraft capable of transporting humans, quickly and safely to their destination. Iesha Baldwin was the next to join. A experienced doctor, Iesha is also the discoverer for the cure for cancer. She is the reason 10% of humanity survived. After Iesha, Lauren lee was the next to join. Lauren is one the best architects in the world, tasked with the job of creating the new colony's infrastructure. The last to join was Cole Porter, ex special forces and survival expert. He is tasked with keeping the colony alive, and creating defense systems to protect the colony. Project Acirema: Departure On January 1st, 3012, Project Acirema left Earth, leaving for Htrae. (previously planet 3850) They took with them 40 young males, 40 young females, and the 5 founders, totaling up to 85 total travelers. They left in a ship built by Deep Patel, christened "The Last Hope". The ship itself is powered by a Warp Drive, which allows it to travel faster than the speed of light. At February 11, 3012, The Last Hope arrived at Htrae, touching down at 14:00. Everyone disembarked at 18:00, after the founders were sure that it was safe. Each of the colonists was a proficient in a specific trade: for example, there was a wildlife specialist, a language specialist, a carpenter, a weapons specialist, etc. Acirema: geography Report by Haley Fulcher, who was surveying the area around them, which was roughly the size of Hawaii. Acirema: Architectural Report Report by Lauren Lee, on buildings made, and to be made on Acirema. Project Acirema: Landing The colonists disembarked, and decided to found their new colony right there. They picked this region for many reasons, a few being easily defensible, lots of food and wood, and plenty of fresh water. They named their new colony Acirema. They named it this to represent the idea of going back from a apocalpytic America (current day) to a peaceful, and strong america, of the past. Acirema also represents the idea of going back in the past, in order to change the future for better. Acirema: Natives There are 2 types of native tribes in Acerima. Both tribes have the same language, but differ greatly in physical traits. Britii Tribe
humanoid in shape
about the same size as the average human.
bluish tint to their skin
have many advanced tools, electricity, and have a basic knowledge of the cosmos.
Friendly to humans
Almost extinct due to Zaxshar Tribe Zaxshar Tribe
Wolfish in shape
6 ft long, 4 1/2 ft tall
reddish gold tinge to fur
front paws have thumbs
Hate towards humans for protecting Britii Tribe
Many weapons, no tools or electricity
Hunt in Groups Acirema: Flag Blue Stripes
- surrounded by water
- religious Earth + red background
- Home planet
- Strong willed
- Hardworking White Stripes
- Starting fresh and new
- Purity Used the same colors as U.S. because the colonists came from America, but they are used in a different way,to symbolize that we are NOT America, and we won't fall. Acirema: Charter In the name of God, Amen. In order to preserve the human race from complete and total destruction, we have agreed to embark unto the deep unknown. On Planet Htrae, discovered 3004, by Haley Fulcher, we will establish our colony, Acirema. Acirema is America spelled backwards, and we do this to symbolize our hopes for changing our future.
We will establish a goverment built upon a democracy. Our goverment will be a council, with 10 members, who will act as the colony's senate, and court. 5 of these members will be human, and 5 will be of the Britii race. These 10 members will be voted upon once every 7 years, and we shall also have our citizens vote once every four years to designate a governor of Acirema from within the council. He will be the face of the colony, but the power will reside with the people. Basic Laws
No murder, stealing, or any other wrongful acts against a person or his belongings.
Freedom of Religion
No one should leave the boundaries of Acirema, unless specific permission is granted by the Council.
Every citizen has the right to vote, speech, and to bear arms for self-defense
All citizens of Acirema are equal
Every citizen will be expected to pay 10% income tax, unless you are retired or disabled.
Any issue not directly expressed, will be decided by the Council. Acirema: Native Tribes Colonists made a peace treaty with the Britii tribe, allowing them to stay with them as citizens of Acirema. There is a very dangerous tribe nearby known as the Zaxshar, who hunted the Britii tribe to near extinction. In exchange for protection from the Zaxshar Tribe, the Britii tribe will teach us about Htrae. Colonists and the Britii tribe worked together to push the Zaxshar Tribe away from Acirema. With the addition of the Britii Tribe to Acirema, there are a total of 165 citizens. Key:
blue = freshwater, safe to drink, and fish.

brown = mountains, caves to hide in.

green = forests, full of animals, and wood.

Farming Island = fertile soil to grow food. W=Watchtower
Housing (Apts)
Council Chambers
Gov't Buildings Acirema: Supplies The colonists bought 12 items with them:
Time Machine: Undo mistakes
Medicine: To treat sickness
Weapons: Defense
Clothes: Warmth
Food: Nourishment, until we can get the farms producing food
Tools: To build
Radios: Communication between colonists
Books: entertainment, knowledge, documentation, religion
Animals: food, work
Seeds: planting vegetation
Rope: to build, tie etc.
Wood: to build Acirema: Election Acirema, is run by a council of 10 members. The council has the power to create and approve laws. Members for the council are elected every 4 years. For every 75 citizens, 5 members are added to the council. Since Acirema has 165 citizens, it has 10 council members. Every citizen of Acirema above age 18 can vote. Acirema also has a head of the council called the Governer. The Governer has the power to veto laws made by the council, and elections for the governer happen every 3 years. The Governer also presides over court trials, as a judge. (Later, when Acirema gets bigger, the council has planned to create a special court, with their own judges.) was okay sounds good, i fixed
everything i noticed. did you fix
the 6 slide? it was just a copy of the
first slide
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