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No description

Isabel Medrano

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of BCG 1

Group 17 Boston Consulting Group Outline Career Management
Compensation and rewards
Social Events
Diversity in BCG
Comparison with its main competitors
Why BCG and not another firm? Career Management
Development: Compensation and Rewards BCG: #10 in top paying companies Salaries and Rewards:
Identical salaries: associate level to partner level salary rise
Presentation made to prevent unfairness
Year end bonus based on individual performance (up to 40% of salary)
Profit sharing bonuses: 5% - 10% of salary
Sign in bonuses for new employees Benefits Social Events Creating an
& friendly
workplace Travels Sports Dinners Parties Off Site Days Last Fridays LGBT initiative in BCG Diverse workforce: no discrimination or biased judgement
One of the 1st firms to create LGBT network (1997)
LGBT initiative: employ, train & support homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders
Nominated as 'Best place to work for' by Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equity Index Women’s Initiative (2000)
30% of consultants, project leaders & managers + at least 35% women recruited yearly
World-widely: majority work in top down & middle management
Solution: hiring at least 1 woman senior manager in every office
‘Working Mother Magazine’: 100 best companies for women to work for Women at BCG BCG is the Most Desired Employer because of... Career Path:

Personal Career Advisor
Personalized training with 200 e-learning modules
Outplacement Consulting for leaving employees
Live online Session from BCG experts
Best Development plan = best
relationship Profit sharing retirement fund 15% of employee’s total compensation
Business school fees
Moving cost fees
100% health care
Sabbaticals are paid
Telecommuting, compressed work weeks & job sharing
Women get paid for 3 months for maternity leave Challenging work
Financial reward
International opportunities
Strong corporate culture Comparison
Bain and MCKINSEY Work-life balance
Friendly working environment
Career development
Prestige & recognition Great salaries & Benefits
No discrimination Interview:
Socialise and make new friends
Great respect & trust between employees
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