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Evaluation - Girls - The 1975

No description

Kylo Ren

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Evaluation - Girls - The 1975

Girls - The 1975

How effective is the combination of your main and ancillary texts?
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
What have you learned from your audience feedback?
How did you use new media technologies in the construction research, planning and evaluation stages?
To the left are three videos filmed after the first showing of our music video. We learnt that are target audience was reached very well. The older audience (18+) understood the meanings we were trying to convey through the relationships and industry control. However, the younger audiences who were shown our music video (16-) did not understood the meanings we were trying to convey due to the maturity of the relationships as we were showing the passion of a more mature relationship through black and white scenes that a younger audience would not understood.

One thing that was commented on was the fact that the sound was partially out of sync in certain places of our video, during the first screening I also noticed that there were certain parts of the video (especially the opening sequence) that was out of time as well as the drum kit, the snare would never match the snare in the music video even though we made sure the sound was perfect. We looked back through our music video on In-Design but could not notice any places that were out of sync, when we exported our piece we realised that during the rendering and exporting stages of the music video the timing would keep shifting and would not stay in time. We exported our video in a different and more higher quality and eventually the time stayed the same. One of the problems our video also looks out of sync is due to the actual singing done by Jason. We had the song on in the background every time time we filmed and we actually played the music and sung the song, the only reason we think it looks out of sync is sometimes his voice maybe covered or the nature he sings in means his mouth does not seem articulate, however the lyrics are being sung. We didn't change this cause we feel like the realism of him singing improves the realistic sense of the video rather than over exaggerating his mouth and movements as this is not a convention of an Indie-Rock music video.
My ancillary tasks all were designed (alongside Jason's and Alex's products) to match and look like they are selling the same product. Throughout all of our products we have applied our style guide sufficiently and although we have used almost all the same features, we all manged to create different products that all look likely have come from the same company: E.g. same logo - same flowers and cloud motif.

These motifs run through all of our products and are instantly recognisable as our bands motifs. Our motifs are designed to be a metaphor of the pop and indie-rock genre as well as showing a cynical way of presenting the industry. The motifs represent industry control, the black cloud background represents the Indie-Rock genre and how black and monochromatic styles are how the band want to live their life in music. However, no matter how much they try the industry is always there controlling them to be more like a stereo-typical pop band which is where the pink flower comes in. The flower does not have bright green stems as the pop industry is not wanting, it is almost as if the flower is poisonous to the Indie Rock life style.

I linked my products together, I used the logo (White box with a stripe background) in both ancillary tasks and the same pictures of band members (original photography) in the same way in both my poster and ancillary (as seen on the next slide). At the beginning of our music video (and during the credit scene at the end) we use the flowers/clouds and white box again to link our music video to our ancillary tasks. By having pictures of the band on our ancillary tasks we are also linking the products to the band themselves giving fans a visual aid.
Changes I would make if I could re-film this music video?
Feedback Continued
When it comes to my ancillary tasks, feedback was always to do with the construction of my products rather than the product itself. When shown to target audience's the reviews were very positive and had said they love the use of the flowers surrounding the edges, they also like the idea of having the band members in black and white whilst having the logo in colour as I created a very interesting contrast that was appealing to the eye.

The construction that was giving to me by peers and teachers both in terms of the construction of my piece was to do with layouts and alignments. The three qoutes I had at the bottom of my page were not in line with each other and did not align with the thirds of the page. After being told this I went and corrected my error by making sure all spaces between the lining of the words was the same as well as the font of the words as well. I then arranged the qoutes in line with the thirds of the page so that they would look evenly distributed.

Another piece of feedback I received was to do with the social media icons I had on my page. I was told that it looks more professional and more connected if all of the icons were of the same shape. E.g instead of having one icon with curved edges, one icon with straight edges and one with drop shadow giving a 3D effect, I should change them all to have the same, I changed all three to have straight edges and the feedback was very good as it did make my work look more professional and made the icons match better.
Use of Male Gaze Theory
We used the male gaze theory to sexualise the female in our music video which is a common convention in all forms of media platforms in today's world.

A good example of this is the 'sexy tummy scene' in transformers where Megan Fox leans over a car showing her bum and her sweaty body. In our music video we pan up the bare legs of our lead but stop before we see her face to emphasis how women's bodies are used to attract fans but do not care about who they are as a person.
In pop videos a common convention when it comes to locations are safe and/or known locations. An example is One Directions 'TWMYB', the video is located on a sunny beach by the ocean, a location that many people associate with happy memories and a jolly and safe location to go on a day out. In our music video, our 'safe' locations are based around London landmarks such as Big Ben, London Eye and St Paul's Cathedral.

The Arctic Monkeys are one of the most famous
Indie-rock bands and are known for their black and white
music videos. The locations they use are often cars
driving late at night in the dark or places that young
people would not be allowed to go to and would make
them feel uncomfortable. E.g: Pubs, midnight parking lot
meet ups, foreign locations.

Locations we chose to use were exotic/vintage looking
locations around the streets of camden market to which
is not a location that brings happy memories like a beach.
We match the conventions of music such as Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood through the use of the black and white scenes (also like the 1975 music video Chocolate) as well as the monochromatic black clothes we wear. We also conform to conventions through props. The stack of amps we used of consistent with many Indie-Rock bands (Including the original music video of Girls), in our music video you can see a 'vintage' Marshall amp which is a very old, expensive and popular brand used by many Indie-Rock artists which helps portray the bands 'true roots'.
Flower Motif
Cloud Motif
The white box that is instantly linked to The 1975 and is shown throughout the ancillary tasks. As well as the into and outro of our music video.
Premier Pro
DLSR Camera / Video Camera
In Design
Social Networking
Premier Pro was the software that was used to make the actual music video. Premier Pro allowed us to easily organise the different sound files a video files.

The good thing about Premier Pro for our video was that it allowed us to add on the effects of black and white to our clips as well as change the contrast/brightness on some of the clips.

Due to the quality of the effects available, it meant we were able to create a professional product that would be suitable to that of a real life existing product.
We used a mixture of a DLSR Nikon camera and a video camera. We used the DLSR for most of the band shots to which the camera would be standing still and would not need to move. The Video Camera was used when taking shots that would move as the hand held shots came out in much better quality when filmed with the video camera.

A lot of the pop love story shots were filmed with the video camera as a lot of the love scenes are of them either running or walking and hand holding the camera would create the effect that we are walking/running with them (like the shot of them walking towards St Paul's Cathedral.

We also used the camera to take location scouting pictures to get a rough idea of what the quality of footage would be like.
In Design was used to create all of my ancillary tasks. I had previously used In Design during AS to create a music magazine. I did not not how to create effective work last year but now that I had previous experience with the software I felt like I knew my way around the program a lot easier and I was able to create a much more effective magazine advert and Digi-Pak.

I did not use photo-shop to create my ancillary tasks as although i found photo-shop a lot easier to use last year, I wanted to work on improving my own skills and also I feel that when it comes to working with text, In-Design is much more efficient as in Photoshop if text is Rasterized it means it can not be edited any more.
Although it was not an extremely constant program in our course, we did use IMovie to make two different sections of our video. The first was four close ups of each band member looking fed up in pop clothes whilst looking into the camera, once made and put together in IMovie, we moved it over to Premier Pro.

The other was the outro, we used IMovie to make the outro because one of our members is used to how IMovie works and therefore was able to add animation to our outro.
Social Media was very important and used very frequently for the planning stages of our production.

Facebook was one of the main sources of contact between the group other than face to face. We would create chats on facebook with all the members of the pople that need to be at the specific shoot (E.g. Band would be Me, Alex, Jason and Christy in a group chat and the love story would be Me, Jason and Hannah).

We also used apps such as Whatsapp and IMessage to create group message and they are phone based apps and now a days the best to contact people is through their phones as today's society is dominated by technology. Facebook is not always the best app to use as quite a lot of people (including myself) do you not use Facebook often any more. Social Media moves around like a football league, sometimes Facebook could be at the top and the most frequent and the other times could be at the bottom with apps such as Twitter and Instagram soaring at the top.

The best way for us to communicate was to find out our own 'league' and see which social networking was mutually liked and used frequently between all of us to improve the efficiency of our communication.
Drop-Box was most likely one of the most vital programs we used during our production process. Drop-Box was used within our group to place all photos and videos of all the shoots we took, we also shared word documents that would contain links to youtube videos that we had uploaded so that they could be used for blogs or prezis that we would be making.
To the left is an screen shot of the drop-box folder shared between Me, Alex and Jason. When we do anything that is relevant to the group we would place it into our folder so that the other two members of the group would be able to access the available resources.

As you can there are many different folders from different shoots and different aspects that helped us make our ancillary tasks.

This was a very organised structure and was very easily accessible rather than having to continuously upload everything on the same computer, we were able to upload wherever we were whilst still able to access folders where we were as well.
I used the internet to access you-tube whilst researching the conventions of exsisting products in the pop and Indie-Rock music industry. The research enabled us to look up the conventions of music videos in the Indie-Rock genre and allowed to us to establish the differences between Pop and Indie-Rock.

I also used the internet to research images of The 1975 products/merchandise when researching mass culture. I was able to find photos of famous people (Taylor Swift) wearing their merchandise and found lots of different designs that appealed to both pop and Indie-Rock audiences.
If I had the chance to re-make my music video, one important thing I would change is the planning. The planning of our video was un-organised as no one could ever seem to find the time to be together at once, this could be due to conflicts of the cast which means in future case, it would be more helpful to arrange dates and find out when people are free before arranging to have them in your music video.

Another thing I would change is the love story itself, in our music video we starting to run out of footage and ended up having a lot of kissing scenes in our piece. Although the kissing scenes are meant to emphasis the passion of an older relationship, it is also meant to show a story. A lot of comments about are video were to do with the kissing scenes and I feel like the meaning of our music video (Gender representation and the differnet between young/mature relationships) was lost to some of our audience.
White and black background,
this was originally pink/black
but to add a contrast to the indie
rock band, I changed it to black
and white such as the black and
white scenes in the music video.
An important port of our video was the costume choices. A theme of our video was industry control, we wanted to show this through clothes well as physical representations (E.g. Facial expressions). In the black and white scenes we wear stereotypical monochromatic clothes seen in music videos by The Neighbourhood and Arctic Monkeys. This was an important convention of Indie-Rock lifestyle so we chose to keep this in our music video.

For the pop video, colour is very dominant as the colour in the video resembles the happiness of the song. We wanted to represent the pop genre by wearing colours such as red, white yellow, bright colours that contrast to black clothing. We also used gimmicks on our shirts such as peace and heart-breaker to show character functions (a blog post explaining this was made).

For the love story we have two different representations of the girl. The pop clothes are meant to show her as a nice loving girl who looks innocent and shy. The Indie girl reverses this, she goes to wear a tight and short black dress (which sexually objectifies her) portraying a sexy woman who is teasing her man. This shows the difference between the representation of women to younger audiences and older audiences by music industries.
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