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Tlingit Indians

No description

Viktoria McQueeney

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Tlingit Indians

Tlingit Indians
There is about 15,200 Tlingit Indians still around today
Tlingit means- "People of the Tides"
The Tlingit Indians have freedom.
In Tlingit communities, you live together with some different families... in some houses, there can be up to 50 people living there!!!!
Tlingit Indians nowadays wear modern clothing but before they wore loincloths and skirts made of cedar bark.
When the Europeans came to America, the
Tlingit Indians suffered from smallpox.
Both men and women wore basketry hats
Tlingit Indians made canoes from hollowed/

dried out spruce logs.

In Tlingit communities, you live together with other families, some houses hold as many as 50 people!
Tlingit Indians once got ALL their supplies from the forests; wood, paper, canoes, animals for food.
The Tlingit culture was thought to
originate about 800 years ago
There is about 15,200 Tlingit Indians still around today
Halibut, Seaweed, Shellfish are the Tlingit Indian's food for mainly the spring
There are two different Tlingit communities, Masset and Skidegate.
1.) www.d123.org/olhms/hmccarthy/documents/1TlingitIndians.pdf
2.) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tlingit_people
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