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Telling Time to the Quarter Hour

No description

Annie Kopena

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Telling Time to the Quarter Hour

Do you know how to tell time? Okay! What time is this? 8 o'clock 8:00 Good job! What about this one? half past 8 o'clock 8:30 Why is it called half-past? Yes, because half of the hour has happened! Half of the hour is gone. That's why the hour hand is also half way between two numbers. It is half way to the next hour. Now that we can measure to the half hour, we're ready to measure to the quarter hour! Quarters - that means four equal parts. A quarter would be, ONE of those parts. This is one quarter of the circle. This circle is cut into quarters. You could say, "Can I have a quarter of your pizza?" "Here's one quarter of my pizza!" Wait.....what's a QUARTER? So what does it mean to measure time to the quarter of the hour? It means just like the pizza, you can break an hour into 4 parts. See, four parts! Each one is worth 15 minutes. 15 minutes That means when the minute hand is on the 3 it is "quarter after." That means 15 minutes have gone by so it's: quarter after 8 o'clock 8:15 quarter after 8 o'clock 8:15 Then it would be half past 8 or 8:30. Next it's quarter to! That means almost the whole hour has happened, so it is quarter TO the next hour. Quarter to 9 o'clock 8:45 quarter after 8 o'clock 8:15 Quarter to 9 o'clock 8:45 Quarter to 9 o'clock 8:45 There's only 15 minutes left in the hour. It's very close to 9:00! When it's quarter to the minute hand is on the 9. The hour hand gets closer to the next hour. See? ...BUT not ON the next hour! The hour hand moves to the next hour when it starts 15 minutes later, when it's o'clock. The start of the new hour. Then we'd start over again! Let's try to read some times! Quarter after 11 o'clock 11:15 Quarter after 2 o'clock 2:15 Quarter to 6 o'clock 5:45 Quarter to 8 o'clock 7:45 Good job! Now you can tell time to the quarter hour!
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